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About Legendary Raiders

Founded 4/17/07, we're a social raiding guild packed with people who are basically enjoying the heck out of WoW!

A Legendary Raider is:

  • Friendly, relaxed, & active.
  • Excellent to their guildmates.

You can find the nitty-gritty on things like: guild goals, rules, and governance in the Guild Charter and what Blizzard says we've been up to on our page.

Please enjoy your stay with us, be excellent to each other, & quest on!

Guild Leadership
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LR's Next GM Search Underway

by Myah, 16 hours ago



It's getting near that time again, guildies, when LR selects a new GM as I will retire mid-January 2016.


This is because, like our officers, GMs only serve a set amount of time.  This keeps our guild's leadership reflecting the interests of our guildies and gives those who wish to serve in guild leadership the opportunity to do so.  All of us in LR's leadership team are honored to serve by your grace.


LR has some strict rules around who may apply to become its next GM.  You can read them in the Guild Charter's Guild Master section; but basically, potential GMs must already have guild leadership experience.


I have contacted all of our eligible current and former guild leads and officers and await their decisions.  After that, they are interviewed by me, then our Elder Council will review them, and finally I will select our new GM from the list the Elder Council gives me.  Then, there'll be a 2 - 4 week period where I'll train the next GM before handing over the GMship.


Over the past near 10 years, many GMs have brought a little something extra and special to the guild.  I look forward to that and coaching our next one who will uphold our core values keeping us as legendary as our membership does.  :)


If you have any questions, feel free to chat with me anytime I'm on.


Kiska ^>^


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Guild Charter Updated to Include LR-Eonar

by Myah, 23 days ago

About three months ago, we expanded Legendary Raiders to two, linked guilds.

As LR's GM, I am pleased to report that our "One Guild; Two Servers" strategy is a resounding success.

It has:

  • Relieved the pressure on LR-Velen's roster.  (And, grown LR-Eonar to one of the largest guilds on that server, which was a pleasant surprise.)
  • Allowed us to grow from 380 individual accounts to 450 (+24%) and from 980 toons to 1,400 (+30%)  (Having more space meant more guildie's friends could join than would have been able to in the past.)
  • Made it easier for all of us to enjoy the game by finding more excellent people to play with.
  • Expanded our guild bank with, of course, another guild bank.  :)

A big, huge thank you to all our members for making the evolution as smooth as could be. 

The guild's leadership has updated LR's guild charter officially codifying LR on Velen and Eonar as per our experiences and the explanations as to why we had to expand diligently detailed in this announcement and this FAQ.  The changes are highlighted in the guild charter for your reading pleasure and will remain so until 11/30/16.

Thanks again, guildies, for your understanding, help, and commitment.  You made our evolutionary expansion a complete success for the entire guild.  :)

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New Raid Coordinator, New Dungeon Officer

by Myah, 23 days ago

After six months of service, Clasten stepped down from our Raid Coordinator officer position.  Thank you Clasten for all you've done for LR Raiding. :)  And, another thank you to the  many guildies who attended and made his retirement party fun.

Çyrus, who was our Dungeon officer, has stepped into that role.

Helith, who has been a LR guildie for 3 years and held the Happiness officer position about a year ago, will step into the Dungeon officer role.

Remember, our officers only serve for up to six months before they go back to being members again for a well deserved break.  If you would like to know more about being an LR officer, read the guild charter's officer section.  Then, chat with our GM, who also gets to step down and have a break after six months, too!  ;)

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