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About Legendary Raiders

Founded 4/17/07, we're a social raiding guild packed with people who are basically enjoying the heck out of WoW!

A Legendary Raider is:

  • Friendly, relaxed, & active.
  • Excellent to their guildmates.

You can find the nitty-gritty on things like: guild goals, rules, and governance in the Guild Charter and what Blizzard says we've been up to on our page.

Please enjoy your stay with us, be excellent to each other, & quest on!

Guild Leadership
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New Officers

by Myah, 24 days ago

I'm pleased to announce the following members have accepted LR Officer positions:

  • Crisspiano - Communication
  • Seredhiel - Knowledge
  • Wolvesheart - Knowledge
  • Çyrus - Dungeoning (Special Projects)

All of our new officers will become Officer-to-Be immediately.

Seredhiel, Wolvesheart, & Çyrus will be sworn in on 10/3/16.  Fântâshiâ will step down for a well deserved rest after nearly 15 months in guild leadership as a two term officer, six months as GM, and then one term officer.

Crisspiano will be sworn in the week of 10/9/2016.  Inith will step down after six months as Communication officer.

On the week of 11/6/2016, Çyrus will transition to Raid Coordinator as Throy steps out after six months in that position.  Gaathan will take his place.

Kiska ^>^

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