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re: LR-Eonar, Our XPack Guild - FAQ


Top Questions with Really Short Answers

"How many toons may I have in LR-Velen?"

Three. You must name one of them as your main toon.

"How many toons may I have in LR-Eonar?"

Right now, as many as you like.  They will be marked as alts of your LR-Velen's main toon.

"Do I have to server transfer?"

No.  Velen and Eonar are connected realms.  So, joining LR-Eonar is absolutely, positively free of charge; your toons stay on Velen, Eonar, or both.  (You cannot join from outside those servers.)

"How long do I have to decide which toons to move?"

Because people are still working out which toons they want to primarily play in Legion, you have until 8/28/16 to decide which three to keep in LR-Velen and which to move to LR-Eonar.

"Does everyone have the same three toon cap in LR-Velen?"

Yes, treating everyone equally is the fairest thing to do.

"If I change my mind, may I move toons from LR-Eonar to LR-Velen?"

So long as the number of toons you have in LR-Velen remains at three, yes you may.  Just ask an officer or the GM to help you.

"How are we going to link the two guild chats?"

You will install the GreenWall addon.  It receives and broadcasts guild chat posts from different guilds for those who have it installed.

Essentially, you'll post in guild chat and the guildies in the other guild, who have GreenWall installed, will be able to read and reply to it.

Clicking this link will take you to the addon.

"Who can invite to LR-Eonar?"

Only LR's GM and its officers may. Please contact them directly when they are online and they'll be happy to assist you with your toon migration. (They have already moved many of their toons to LR-Eonar.)

"Are there different rules and / or officers for LR-Eonar?"

They are all the same, except for the bit about how many toons you can have in them.

"What do you mean by 'One Guild; Two Servers?'"

For the past three years, LR-Eonar has been thought of as our alt guild for leveling, bank, factory, auction, resting, and “get-away-from-it-all” toons.  Its guild bank has been mostly empty like its guild roster and chat.

By extending what you might call the "LR Experience" to it through unified guild chat, utilizing both guild banks, and growing the number of guildies there, we're making it as much of an equal guild as we can.

"How big is LR going to get?!"

No bigger than we can be.  :)  It's ultra important that we keep the "I know your name & who you are & I like you," atmosphere between members and keep the leadership team happy volunteers who are able to play WoW, too.  (No making LR a full-time job for anyone!)


Solving our Population Issue

"In detail, what LR-Velen's population constraint?"

WoW used to allow guilds of any size and gigantic guilds once thundered across Azeroth taking on multiple 40 man raids at a time.  But when Cataclysm rolled out, Blizzard limited WoW guilds to 1000 members for their own reasons, and they're not changing that decision.

We have a guild rules for kicking members for inactivity that "kick in" when they are gone for more than a month.  Those rules are designed to keep our guild full of active members and have worked quite well for over five years.

Recently, our guild has become more active and populated than ever.  This is a very good thing that shows we have a great reputation for being a solid, well-run, successful, and friendly guild with progressive raiding, ranked PvP, and entertaining social events.  Therefore, we easily attract new players and keep them as happy members for years.  Additional members is terrific for us because it means we can accomplish more together than we ever have before!

On the other hand though, we have reached a point where it is difficult to add more members to LR-Velen.

We have nearly 1000 toons and approximately 380 unique accounts, 95-ish percent of which have played within the last month. This means our guild charter rules for kicking inactive members kick very few inactive members because, well, there are very few inactive members to kick and that has a cascading affect.

Previous members restarting their WoW subscriptions want to rejoin LR for its events, raids, and PvP.  We really want them back, but our ability to facilitate their return is limited.

And, we don't have enough space to bring in member's friends and recruit new members.

Finally for Legion, Blizzard is giving players an extra toon slot so they can play demon hunters on August 9th; but as previously mentioned, they left guild membership capped at 1000.  (So, they're deliberately growing one membership list and restraining another.)  Many guildies will roll demon hunters and will wish join LR-Velen with them.  With the above constraints, LR-Velen just lacks the toon space to accommodate that.

"How did you decide on three toons per player in LR-Velen?"

First, our decision was partially guided using the Pareto Principle, or as it is commonly known "The 80 - 20 Rule." It states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

We know how many toons and accounts are in the guild through the /ginfo command. (A very interesting command, if'n you've never used it.)  When we ran it August 2nd, there were 383 unique accounts and 989 characters. This equates to and average of approximately 2.6 toons per account.

But, we went further to make a fair and reasonable decision. :)

When you're asked to join LR, we ask you for your main in the guild an any alts as well as your playstyle. That information is recorded in your main toon's guild roster player's note.  This helps guildies find each other, match playstyles, and lets the leadership team know when someone has stopped playing one toon but is playing another so we don't inadvertently kick them.

Using that data, we calculated that 81% of our guildies have 3 toons or fewer.

The chart is below:

So by asking 80 (19%) of our guildies to move all but 3 toons to LR-Eonar, LR-Velen and our LR experience in general is projected to grow 130 new, unique accounts and their roughly 250 new toons.

Our decision was also determined by answering a playstyle question, "How many toons do people primarily play?"  We took a look at which toons participated in what and found that giving people three toons: one each for raiding, PvPing, and farming toon would meet almost everyone's needs.  We know that playstyles are different and people will have different mixes, but this seemed the fairest.

We're encouraging people to keep up to three primarily played toons in LR-Velen to help with that guild's achievements, raiding, PvPing, and social events.  It will continue to serve as "the guild of record," if you will; you must belong to LR-Velen to be able to join LR-Eonar.

"Why not just have mains and alts in both guilds?"

While it is possible to do this, there are two reasons we didn't.

First, of course, is that LR-Velen's achievements are far more advanced than LR-Eonar's.  This means that BoA items such as mounts and gear are not available if mains and their alts were on LR-Eonar.  We wish to continue LR-Velen's achievement advancement to continue to provide our guildies the best BoA items.

Second, syncing both guild's rosters and them to the Ventrilo server is a manual process.  It's easier to track the main toon in one guild roster and mark all their alts in LR-Velen and LR-Eonar and connect a Vent account to it than it is to have mains and alts crossing each other in rosters.

"Why not split the guild by playstyle interests?"

You mean like Legendary Raiders, Legendary PvPers, Legendary Casuals, Legendary Alts, and Legendary Farmers?  OK, maybe that went a little too far but you kinda see the one of the points as to why we didn't.

Plus, toons might be PvP geared and raid ready and farmers all at the same time.  Where would they go?

Mainly, though, we want to maintain the old school, accomplish everything, large guild feel that we've had since, well, our founding.  So, we thought it best to keep the experience the same regardless of guild you're in.

"How many toons may I have in LR-Eonar?"

Right now, you may have as many as you like there.  When we fill LR-Eonar up, we'll probably found another expansion guild and grow s'more. ;)


LR-Eonar Questions

"I didn't know we had a guild on Eonar. Where did it come from?"

In 2013 on the day the guild leadership learned Velen and Eonar were connecting, we founded LR-Eonar for three reasons:

  1. Reserve the name and protect our hard earned reputation from trolls.
  2. Have a place where people could "store" less played alts.
  3. Have someplace to store low level mats and gear.

Since its founding, multiple LR leadership teams have revisited what to do with LR-Eonar.  Some of the ideas have included making it a place for toons under max level or a place for secondary raiding and PvP teams.  Ultimately, though, it remained a quiet place where very seldom played alts wound up and its guild bank stored LR-Velen's guild bank overstock.

"I currently have toons in LR-Eonar and enjoy the solitude. Why does this have to happen?"

We realize that a few guildies "hide out" on LR-Eonar for the peace and quiet it brings while still being under LR's umbrella and part of LR's experience.

We hope you find the benefits to the "Two Servers; One Guild" strategy such as cross-guild chat, increased guild membership, more events, twin guild banks, and the like are significant enough to sacrifice the "get away from it all" feeling LR-Eonar has had over its three years of existence.

If we find that enough people want a quiet guild space again, we will look into creating an additional guild for just that in the future.

"Are members allowed to invite other members to LR-Eonar?"

Because we have to diligently maintain LR-Eonar's guild roster, only officers and LR's GM may invite to LR-Eonar.  (This has always been the case.) Please ask them for an invite.

"Will LR-Eonar have a different GM or officers?"

No. In keeping with the "One Guild; Two Servers" concept, the leadership team is replicated from LR-Velen to LR-Eonar.  (This has always been the case.)

"Does LR-Eonar have all the same achievement perks LR-Velen has?"

Sadly, no.  But, it'll gain many of them as we quickly migrate toons and rapidly evolve that guild.

LR-Eonar will not receive the raiding and PvPing ones.  But, they are BoA and you'll have a toon on LR-Velen to purchase them for your account.

Fortunately, all the purchasable guild perks for you through LR-Velen you can buy either for your account or for your toon before you move it over.  (Well, depending on your LR-Velen guild rep, of course.)

"How much guild rep will I loose when I move my toons from LR-Velen to LR-Eonar?"

Per patch 5.0.4, you'll lose one level of guild rep, for example you'll go drop from Exalted to Revered.  You can easily earn it back, though.  And if you wish, just ask an officer and we'll give you 250 gold to buy a BoA Renowned Guild Tabard with which your toon will gain 100% more guild rep to earn it back in 1/2 the time one toon at a time.


LR-Velen Questions

"But, but, LR-Velen is my hometown!"

We know that hundreds of you have been in LR-Velen for years and there are likely many of you that are reluctant to move all but three of your toons to LR-Eonar.

Please know that we as a guild and leadership team are going to do everything we can to make the "Two Server; One Guild" experience as positive as possible.  You're just moving  next door; you're not leaving your hometown.  All the people you know, trust, and have fun with are still with you.

"What happens if I don't move any toons to LR-Eonar and I'm over the three toon cap per player on LR-Velen?"

We have to be fair to everyone; so there are no exceptions to the three toon in LR-Velen rule.

After 8/28/16, you can expect that either the GM or an officer will chat with you one-on-one.  We'll encourage you and help you decide which toons to move from LR-Velen to LR-Eonar.  We know it's difficult for you to decide; it was difficult for us, too.

So, please, contact us to move before we have to contact you.

"Why do I have to have my main in LR-Velen?"

Mostly to make the manual tracking much easier.  Please see "Why not just have mains and alts in both guilds?" above.


GreenWall Questions

"What is the GreenWall addon and how does it work?"

In pre-Cata when Blizzard made their 1000 member guild cap decision, it was poised to break up guilds of thousands of people.  GreenWall was swiftly developed to keep those guilds together.

Guilds on other servers use it to link their "owned and operated" guilds together into a single guild experience that just like we're creating for LR.  (I've read of guilds that stretch across a dozen other guilds they own; we're not going there, by the way.)

It works by taking the guild chat posts of members who have the addon installed in one guild and posting them as guild chat-like messages for members who have the addon installed in the other guild.  It will tag those cross-guild chat posts with the name of the toon posting and the guild from where they are posting from.

From a guild member's perspective, GreenWall is transparent and turnkey, meaning that all you have to do is download it, install it, and it works.

"Can I communicate with LR-Velen & LR-Eonar guild chat using GreenWall while I'm in another guild?"

No. We have it configured so that you can only use it while in LR-Velen and LR-Eonar.  Also while you are in another guild, that guild's chats won't have any LR chat in them and vice-versa.

"Can I read and post cross-guild chat without having the GreenWall addon installed?"

No. You must have the GreenWall addon installed to participate in cross-guild chat.

"Who must install GreenWall?"

Only LR's GM and officers must have GreenWall up and running at all times.

It is highly recommended for guildies who have toons in LR-Eonar and also raid team and PvP team members even if they only have toons in LR-Velen.

It is highly encouraged for everyone else, especially if you do a lot of ad-hoc grouping using guild chat.

"What if I don't want to install GreenWall?"

While it'd be nice to have a 100% adoption rate so that LR guild chat is perfectly sent between the two guilds by all guildies, we know that some guildies won't install the addon.  And it's your choice whether to participate or not.

If you choose not to install the addon, guild chat will read disjointedly for you at times as others post replies to GreenWall cross-guild chat that you can't see but appears in regular guild chat.

"While you have been testing GreenWall were there any problems?"

Yes.  If you have 10 private channels, it does not work.  If you have 9 private channels, it works fine.

When we were configuring it, twice it spammed our chat saying it lacked a password.  We think that was something we did configuration-wise, rather than an addon error because for the past week it has worked flawlessly.

"Where can I get GreenWall?"

From Curse, of course. :) Click this link.


Guild Calendar Questions

"Which calendar will we use for guild events?"

All guild events will be listed on LR-Velen and announced on LR-Eonar. So, what will happen is that if you're on LR-Eonar, you'll know what's happening on LR-Velen's calendar.

It's the calendar event organizer's responsibility to duplicate their entries on LR-Eonar.

"How does my toon in LR-Eonar get an invite to an event on LR-Velen's calendar?"

Send a PST or in game mail to the event's organizer on LR-Velen from the LR-Eonar toon that needs the invite.  They can put that toon on LR-Velen's calendar event, even if it's a guild event, and all you need to do is accept the calendar invite.

"Will there be LR-Eonar specific events?"

Unless there's a really, amazingly good reason to have one there, all events will be on LR-Velen.


Guild Bank Questions

"Are there different rules for the guild banks?"

No.  Guildies holding a member rank will still be able to withdraw three items appropriate to their class, profession, and level from each of the both guild banks' first five tabs.

Tabs six through eight are reserved for officers to support guild activities such as raiding, PvPing, and happiness events and to help dedicated guildies in need of mats, enchants, gems, and gear. (This has always been the case.)

"May I repair from the guild banks?"

Yes.  Both guild banks have the same amount of repair gold, which is set at 20 per day per member's toon and 5 per day per initiate's toon.  Repair-A-Palooza guild events substantially increase that amount and, again, will be the same in both guilds.  (This has always been the case.)

"Are the guild bank tabs going to be sorted differently now that we, essentially, have doubled the amount of them?"

We've already moved and resorted reserved items between the guilds. (This was a great storage strain relief for LR-Velen.)

We have yet to decide how we're going to sort or categorize the open bank tabs across both guilds.  Some of this delay is because we're not sure what Legion is definitely going to bring to the game.  So, we'll likely wait until many days (weeks?) after Legion drops and things settle down to decide what goes where.

"When will LR-Eonar get its 8th guild bank tab?"

As soon as it gets the Stay Classy guild achievement to buy it.  We already have the 20K gold reserved to purchase it.



"Guild membership caps suck! Should I complain to Blizzard?"

We agree and go for it! Perhaps Elune will give your ticket the smile she denied ours.

Kiska ^>^
Legendary Raiders' Guild Master


~ Myah (a.k.a. Kiska, Animaula, Nepeta, and more than 50 others.)
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