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re: LR-Eonar, Our XPack Guild


My fellow guildies, on August 30th Blizzard will release WoW's Legion expansion pack. I'm sure you share my high hopes that it will be a fine one full of adventure and fun for many months to come for everyone.

Unfortunately, Blizzard decided to keep guild membership capped at 1,000 toons.  For small guilds, this is OK; but for big, prosperous guilds like Legendary Raiders (LR), it is a significant issue because we must accommodate:

  • Existing guildie made demon hunters, starting August 9th.
  • Guildies returning from hiatus for Legion, which has been going on slowly for weeks and will only increase.
  • Expanding our membership to keep us active and our raid and PvP teams strong and successful, all of which is what makes LR a go-to guild.


So as likeminded players dedicated to providing ourselves with a superior WoW gaming experience, we must evolve LR to overcome these challenges before Legion drops.


And it just so happens that analyzing situations, growing in new directions, and meeting our fellow guildies needs all while keeping WoW entertaining are things we do very, very well together.  (Need proof?  Our longevity!  If we didn't, we would have merely sustained to stagnate and succumb long ago like so many other guilds.)


Over the past two weeks, LR's leadership team, myself as guild master and the officers, have been thinking of you, our guildies, and proactively analyzed, researched, arrived at a set of solutions, and put them into an action plan.


Which is what I'm going to present to you.


I promise not to drown you in the details; there's an FAQ and chats with me for that!  ;)


Here, I'll just cover the plan's three broad goals and share the leadership team's high-level, how'n'why reasoning.


  1. One Guild; Two Servers - As many of you know, we own and operate two guilds:  Legendary Raiders on Velen (LR-Velen) and Legendary Raiders on Eonar (LR-Eonar).  Since 2007, LR-Velen has been the "main" guild and LR-Eonar, founded 2013, has been a storage, catch-all, seldom-played alt, and quiet guild.  Starting today, we're developing and deploying changes to unify guild chat, combine banks, sync calendars, and merge them into a single experience as best as the leadership team can.  (If you like, think of LR-Eonar as our Xpack guild.)

  2. Three is the Magic Number for LR-Velen - The leadership team conducted a membership census and determined that 80% of the guildies had three or fewer toons in LR-Velen.  We then ran projections that showed that by limiting guildies to three toons in LR-Velen the guild can absorb about 130 new, unique accounts and their roughly 250 new toons.  That's enough for all our returning guildies and leaves us room to grow with more new friends!  LR-Eonar can easily accommodate the initial 250 toons we'll ask 80 guildies to move.  In turn, this makes LR-Eonar a much busier, buzzier place.  We realize that as Blizzard continues to tweak WoW, guildies are still working out which toons they will primarily spend Legion with; so, this will be a graduated migration down to three toons per player in LR-Velen starting now and ending 8/28/16.  (Should you change your mind about which toon to play, you may always easily move toons between the guilds.)

  3. Integrate Guild Chats with GreenWall - Guild chat is our social glue.  We use it for:  formal announcements, guild run raiding, PvPing, and events, forming ad-hoc groups, crafting and trading, congratulations on jobs well done, and just plain old shooting the breeze.  Fortunately, using GreenWall, a free turnkey addon that you install and it just works, we can link LR-Velen and LR-Eonar guild chat.  (The more who use it, the better it works!  We're going for 100% adoption here.)

And that's the plan; just three advancements we must make.  :)


For more information, please come to guild meetings to hear and learn more.  If you crave details, explore the FAQ.  And, if you have concerns, solutions, or both, reach out to me and our officers and raise or give them.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Finally, I know that with your support, understanding, and "Can-Do" attitude, we'll once again successfully adapt to WoW's next phase.  And, we'll keep growing what is arguably one of the best player driven, world class WoW gaming experiences.  Ever.


Kiska ^>^

Legendary Raiders' Guild Master


~ Myah (a.k.a. Kiska, Animaula, Nepeta, and more than 50 others.)
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