Founded April 18, 2007, we're a large, active, olde skool guild packed with friendly, mature members.  We have consistent raiding, determined PvPing, and delightful social events that are all about enjoying the heck out of WoW at the "speed of life."

A Legendary Raider is:

  • Friendly, relaxed, & active.
  • Excellent to their guildmates.

If you're a new or returning member, a member with questions, or a potential member just checking us out, please visit our Getting Started section.  That'll tell you all you need to know to ... get started! ... with Legendary Raiders.  Or, "LR," as we like to say.

If you want to find out how LR is governed, visit our Guild Charter.

And, you can find out what Blizzard says LR has been up to on their page about us.

Please enjoy your stay with us, be excellent to each other, & quest on!

LR's Leadership Team

Guild Roster Change


We have a problem and need your help. Our guild Legendary Raiders Velen (LR-V) is nearly full. We continue to do regular purges of inactive members, but this has become increasingly difficult. We don’t want to ever get to the point where we have to remove friends that are still playing with us.

Recently we merged with 7 other servers and we are now part of a 9 server community. The additional servers have helped us find many more friends to play with. Additionally, we have begun welcoming back many of our former guildies who want to play again with us in Shadowlands. Finally, many of us are trying many classes to try and figure out what we want to play in the new expansion.

These are all great things because we will be playing with more friends. None of these would normally be an issue but we are running out of space. Blizzard caps guilds at 1000 members. We currently have 984 characters in guild and 572 unique accounts, even after doing 2 purges in the last week.

We now have guilds on all 9 of the connected realms. LR-V will continue to be our "main" guild, Legendary Raiders Eonar (LR-E) will continue to be the alt guild, and the others will be used as additional storage for now.

We know that many of us love to play alts and we want yours here because we love playing together, but to make that happen and continue to be inclusive, we need to reduce the number of toons we have in the LR-V.

To overcome the problem created by Blizzard’s in-game restriction, and to make this transition as easy and painless as we can for everyone, our officer team has come up with the following solution which is divided into 3 phases.
  • Phase 1: New members will only be able to bring 1 alt into the Velen guild.
  • Phase 2: Those who have been inactive and haven’t logged in for months will be removed from the guild based on our inactivity standards.
  • Phase 3: Moving your extra alts to LR-E will be incentivized.
For more information, please come to our guild meeting on Oct 17th at 9pm EST. And, if you have concerns, ideas, or both, reach out to the GM and our officers and share them. We look forward to hearing from you.

Finally, we know that with your support, understanding, and "Can-Do" attitude, we'll once again successfully adapt to WoW's next phase. And, we'll keep growing what are the most Legendary, the best player driven, world-class WoW gaming experiences. Ever.

LR's Leadership Team