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re: Guild Lottery Rules


Every week, Raebe will be running the guild lottery. She will roll for a winner sometime Thursday evening. Please check the guild calendar as it depends on her work schedule.

How it Works

She has an addon called Guild Lottery. Using the addon, she adds people's names to the entry list, and add how many tickets they have purchased. She also have an option to add starting gold, which is where she will put donation money people may send in.

When you send her gold to enter the lottery, she add you to the list, and you will get an annoying informational whisper that she cannot turn off giving you your ticket numbers and telling you good luck. You do not have to remember your ticket numbers, as they're all listed under your name in the add-on.

When it is time to roll for a winner, she will click a button. The add-on then counts down, rolls, and give us a winner! That person will win the pot minus the 15% guild cut, which she will immediately put in the bank.


Pretty simple & straightforward.

  1. Tickets are 1 gold each.
  2. You may purchase up to 40 tickets per each toon in the guild. (You must purchase tickets on a toon-by-toon basis!)
  3. Only guildies may enter! (This is a restriction placed on us by Blizzard's Terms of Service.)

That's it!

How To Enter

To enter the lottery, simply send Raebe-Velen an in-game mail message containing your gold. Please title the message "Lottery" or something similar to indicate that's what you're sending the message for.

You do not need to be present when he rolls to win; she will mail you your winnings regardless. Also, she does not gain any gold from this event. The only things that she takes is the 15% at the end of the week for Guild Bank. She is paid in warm fuzzies when the winner wins! :D

Please whisper or email her any questions or concerns.

~ Myah (a.k.a. Kiska, Animaula, Nepeta, and more than 50 others.)
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