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re: PVP WOW 2016


Hello there Legendary Raiders PVP - It is time for a major update on the PVP for 2016 - Season 3 has begun and we all need to make sure you understand what is best for PVPing in this expansion.  First of all lets begin with a few addons that you will need - these can be downloaded from Curse.  The first addon you will want to have is called Ashran Buddy go to curse and download that now if you plan on doing ashran to cap conquest and honor as will as gearing - there is not a lot to explain about ashran other than you qill que for it by running into that zone in stormshield.  You will also be able to use the group finder to get with a group and do ashran that way as well.  The benefit about ashran is you are able to get conquest and honor as well as gear.  In order to get a conquest piece from ashran you will need to complete 4 objectives and kill the boss of the faction you choose, yes that is right you can go in as horde or as alliance.

Now the second addon you will need is called Battlefield targets - this addon will let you know the team you are fighting against.  This addon is required for all of our PVP Rated Battleground team.

Now lets talk about how to know what items you will need for your toon - there are many websites out there that go through this.  I however have found that when it comes to knowing how to play your toon this website seems to work well - Noxxic click on that link and then choose the PVP tab.  Once you have done that choose your class, example Deathknight.  This will let you know everything you need to know about how to play your toon.  There are other sites however again I feel this one will do fine.

Now I will continue to update this page as more information comes but this should get you started.  If you have any questions please let me know, thanks again



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