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re: Mists of Pandaria: Reputation Quick Facts

There are eight new factions in Mists of Pandaria: four have epic gear rewards, while the other four have quirky vanity items. All have epic mounts and detailed tabards as Exalted rewards.

Several factions used to have Justice Point rewards at Honored, but this has been removed. You can still buy select JP items from various vendors, but there is no reputation requirement. In addition, several epics previously available at Revered are now available at Honored. - The Klaxxi neck items

The Klaxxi are a faction in Dread Wastes that are sworn to protect the ideals of the Mantid Empire, even at the cost of killing their ruler.

At Honored, players can purchase Restorative Amber, which is like Major Dreamless Sleep Potion with a vanity effect. They can also buy a wide assortment of Justice Points gear and Blacksmithing recipes.

At Revered, players can purchase ilvl 489 necks, pants, and belts, as well as Amber Sledge of Klaxxi'vess.

At Exalted, you can pick up vanity-themed items. Klaxxi Tabard is a tabard that only serves a cosmetic purpose, while Reins of the Amber Scorpion should especially make Alliance players happy, as it's a Horde-style scorpion mount. The most interesting reward at Exalted is a series of ilvl 463 weapons with distinctive amber-dipped looks for transmog.

To grind rep with The Klaxxi, you'll have to do a long questline in Dread Wastes starting with Psycho Mantid. This should get you to Honored, where there are at least 6 quests available from the Elders you freed. At Revered, you free two more Paragons, who give you additional daily quests.

At Exalted, you can get an epic ilvl 489 ring from completing Shadow of the Empire.

After you unlock all of the Klaxxi elders, you can request buffs from them, Enhancements and Augments.

To see all the items you are able to get from the Klaxxi go to this link -

• Golden Lotus - rings

Golden Lotus investigates the Mogu threat in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Rewards include some epics and crane mounts.

At Honored there's a CC trinket with fun visuals: Mogu Rune of Paralysis. There's also some armor for Justice Points.

At Revered, players can purchase epic chests, rings, and shoulders for Valor Points.

There are three mounts at Exalted, costing 3,000 each.
• Reins of the Azure Riding Crane
• Reins of the Regal Riding Crane
• Reins of the Golden Riding Crane

Gaining Reputation

To begin questing with Golden Lotus, you'll need to prove yourself to the Pandaren at the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit. You'll be able to fly into Vale of Eternal Blossoms otherwise, but many areas will be phased. The gates to the Vale have not been open in many years, so you will have to defeat three trials, the last one being a shadowy version of a faction leader.

As you gain reputation with Golden Lotus, more quest hubs will unlock with 4-5 quests each. You'll first start out at the Golden Pagoda hub with sending you to The Golden Stair at Friendly, and go up from there. Each hub has several sets of quests and additional side quests at Revered.

• The Golden Stair: Eliminating the Shao-Tian Mogu by the Vale's north gate.
• Mistfall Village: Saving the town from sprites and fires, as well as gathering resources.

•Ruins of Guo-Lai: Clearing the ruins of Mogu statues and spiderwebs.
• Setting Sun Garrison: Dealing with the Mantid threat.
• Whitepetal Lake: Dive into the water to restore artifacts, as well as kill enemies on the riverbanks.

The final daily quest of the day will be to kill an elite that also rewards Treasures of the Vale, which can contain awesome things like gem recipes or Spirits of Harmony. Killing all the various elites awards One Many Army.

There's also a one-time quest series that progresses further as your reputation increases:

At Honored, The Secrets of Guo-Lai has you discover more of the Guo-Lai Halls with He Softfoot, and rewards you with an ilvl 440 ring.

At Revered, there is a quest chain to find several artifacts of power, belonging to the "Thunder King," before the Mogu do. The reward is an ilvl 463 chest (Example: Bonded Plate of the Golden Lotus), from Battle Axe of the Thunder King.

Upon hitting Exalted, you'll face off with Zhao-Jin the Bloodletter. First, you'll have to kill 100 Mogu in The Might of Three, getting aid from the Celestials in the form of buffs: Wrath of the Jade Serpent, Fury of the White Tiger, Strength of the Black Ox. Afterwards, it's time to eliminate Zhao-Jin the Bloodletter in The Final Power. This is a pretty fun fight where you'll throw a spear at him for 500k damage and get a movement and jump buff from the last Celestial: Wings of Hope. The best part is that completing this quest will give you an epic necklace, like Burning Necklace of the Golden Lotus.

To see all the items you are able to get from the Golden Lotus go to this link -

• Shado-Pan - cloaks

The Shado-Pan protect Pandaria from the imprisoned Sha--no small task. They are found wearing their distinctive navy-and-red armor throughout the borders of Pandaria in Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes. Rewards include some ilvl 489 epics as well as flavor items at both Honored and Exalted.

There are breakable stacks of boards you can purchase at Honored: Stack of Bamboo, Stack of Stone Blocks, Stack of Wooden Boards. Using this item will place a board balanced on a stand in front of you. To break it, you must be positioned perfectly in front of the board.

There's also this fun trinket at Honored: Shado-Pan Dragon Gun. There are also items you can buy with Justice Points.

There are ilvl 489 epic helms, trinkets, and capes for most specs at Revered. Weapon enchant recipes are also available at Revered: Formula: Enchant Weapon - Dancing Steel, Formula: Enchant Weapon - Jade Spirit, Formula: Enchant Weapon - River's Song.

Exalted has fun vanity rewards.

• The Shado-Pan have distinctive helmets, so you can purchase Replica Shado-Pan Helmet for transmog. There are versions of this helm available for all armor types.
• Shado-Pan Tabard is a vanity tabard.
• Reins of the Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger, Reins of the Green Shado-Pan Riding Tiger, Reins of the Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger are new mounts in the style of the Siberian tiger the NPCs use.

The Shado-Pan daily hub is located in western Townlong Steppes. Daily quests are selected from three sets of quest hubs, which all give +250 rep, except for the final quest which is 350 rep. All quests give 5 Valor Points too. You must be Revered with Golden Lotus to unlock this quest hub.

With each hub comes a special buff as well as a choice of three companions that will help DPS. When first starting out, players can "recruit" more companions by defeating them in combat, such as The Challenger's Ring: Hawkmaster Nurong.

There is a meta-achievement for completing Shado-Pan dailies in a bunch of ways, The Shado-Master, which rewards the title Shado-Master.

At Exalted, players get Surprise Attack! which rewards Reins of the Onyx Cloud Serpent.
To see all the items you are able to get from the Shado-Pan go to this link -

• The August Celestials – Bracers

• Reputations are a bit different to grind in Mists of Pandaria--the old system of equipping a tabard and farming dungeons has been removed. Tabards only serve vanity purposes now and reputation is gained by doing daily quests. Each faction has a compelling story behind it and the daily quests are interesting and varied, such as completing a racecourse on a cloud serpent.

Below you'll find quick facts for every faction: where their quartermaster is located, how to gain reputation, and rewards. You can visit Wowhead's faction pages for more information, as well as our beta previews linked in each overview.

• The Anglers

Quartermaster: Nat Pagle, Krasarang Wilds

How to Gain Reputation: Various NPCs in Krasarang Wilds will give fishing daily quests that award reputation and skillups. There is also a quest chain in southern Dread Wastes that awards reputation.

In addition, Nat Pagle has a friendship meter. Nat's friendship increases by turning in one of these three rare fish: Flying Tiger Gourami, Mimic Octopus, Spinefish Alpha. There are several things you can get by raising your "friendship" with him: Nat's Hat as his Best Friend, and Nat's Fishing Journal. You can use 12 of these books to level to 600 Fishing on an alt, but they cost 1,000 each.

Quartermaster: Sage Lotusbloom, Sage Whiteheart in Vale of Eternal Blossoms
How to Gain Reputation: Gaining reputation with The August Celestials is done through questing. Players will be sent to one temple after asking the Quartermaster where help is needed the most.

The most interesting quest hub is the Cradle of Chi-Ji, the birthplace of the Red Crane, the Southern Celestial. It is currently where young Pandaren initiates train under Thelonius. What starts off as a playful battle with initiate Ellia Ravenmane turns into something much darker, as she is unhealthily obsessed with winning and fights out of despair. Her letters to you after defeat get more and more upset. For several weeks in MoP, players had access to this daily hub in addition to another temple, but this has been hotfixed.

You need Revered with the Golden Lotus to unlock these dailies.

To see all the items you are able to get from the The August Celestials go to this link -
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re: Mists of Pandaria: Reputation Quick Facts

Latest list of all MoP factions per Wowhead, Factions > Mists of Pandaria

Direct links to MoP factions that you can earn gear and toys from per Wowhead:

As a high school math teacher kept saying to all of us in class, "This is important. Write this down in your notebook." But, this is so many years later; I just bookmarked them in my internet browser! :D

~ Myah (a.k.a. Kiska, Animaula, Nepeta, and more than 50 others.)
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re: Mists of Pandaria: Reputation Quick Facts

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