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re: How To use Ventrilo (Vent)

Ventrilo is a voice chat software solution widely used by gamers, who refer to it as "Vent," to communicate by voice with each other while gaming to build community and give a competitive advantage. Vent is chosen by gamers because:

    * It uses minimal computer resources.
    * It can be set to being voice activated so the player's attention is focused on the game interface.
    * Game crashes do not affect it.

This How To will give you the basics on what Vent is, how to set it up, and how to use it to talk to guildies. More detailed information about Vent can be found on TypeFrag's site,

Please Note: This How To has links to outside pages. If a link does not work send an email to Myah and include the link's address and where it is in the How To so that it can be corrected.

The Two Parts of Vent

There are two pieces to Vent. The first is the server that hosts the gamer's conversation. The second is the free software, or "client," that the gamer downloads, installs, and uses to communicate with other. It is the client part of Vent that this How To addresses. (When this How To says "Vent," it is referring to the client. Only when you see "Vent server" is it referring to the ... well ... Vent software on the server.)

Preparing Your Computer to Use Vent

Since this is voice chatting software, you must first have a pair of headphones or speakers to listen and a microphone to talk. If you plan on talking, it is highly desirable to use headphones or a microphone / headset combination to prevent feedback. (Inexpensive headsets are available from many retailers.)

Once you have the hardware, you need set it up on your computer and test it. This ensures that your hardware is working and that any issues you have using Vent are truly with Vent. There are many ways to set up your hardware; so, it's best if you follow the installation instructions that came with your hardware. (There are so many possible configurations of computers, operating systems, and hardware that they can't all be covered in this How To. Please contact your hardware's manufacturer if you have issues.)


Go to the TypeFrag website,, and download the most recent version of the Ventrilo 3.0 client for your Windows or Macintosh computer. (If you can't find it, here is the most recent direct link,


Once you have downloaded the software, install it on your computer. Follow whatever normal procedures you use to install software.)

Connect to Legendary Raider's Server

There are two steps to connecting to our Vent server.

First, you have to have a Vent user account. The account is free for all guild members; just contact the Guild Master by whisper or email. They will set you up with an account and provide you with our server access information. (Our server is for the exclusive use of our guild members and invited guests. Without an account, you don't get in!)

Second, you must enter the server information provided with your account into the Vent client. This video and instructions take you step-by-step through what you need to do to set up Vent client to connect to a Vent server: (Here is another good guide in picture form for those of you who don't have Adobe Flash,

You are now able to connect to our server.

How to Talk

The Vent client can be set to "Push - to - Talk" (aka PTT) or voice activated.

By default, Vent is set to PPT. You activate your microphone by pushing and holding down your keyboard's left control key. So long as you hold down the key, the mic records.

To change Vent to voice activated, first connect to our server. Then, click the Setup button on the right hand side of the window. This will bring up the Setup screen.

In the Setup screen, make sure you are on the Voice tab. Then, uncheck "Use Push to Talk Hotkey. (PPT Mode)." This is a switch that turns on voice activation. (You can always change your mind by checking the box again.)
The Silence Time and Sensitivity settings on same tab you are on are now active.

The Silence Time setting tells Vent that if it detects a pause in your speech to start counting. If the silence reaches this amount of seconds, turn off the mic. (By default, it is set to 3.0 seconds.) So, if you find yourself pausing while you talk and Vent turning off your mic before you finish, you might want to increase this number.

The Sensitivity setting tells Vent how much, or volume, of sound needed turn on the microphone. The lower the number, the less volume is required to activate the microphone. So, if you find yourself softly talking to yourself and that triggering the microphone, you may wish increase the Sensitivity value. Similarly, if you find you are having to shout to have the microphone turn on, decrease the Sensitivity value.

You can test your voice activation settings on this tab with the Test button. Click it and start talking. Click it again to turn it off. Adjust your settings. Click it again to test again.

Please Note: You can also adjust your microphone with settings through your computer's operating system, for example the Windows' Sound Control Panel. You may wish to adjust settings there before you fine tune them here.

How to Navigate the Chat Channels

Legendary Raiders Vent server is split into several channels.
When you logon, you'll be in a general channel that is not named. Below you are channels are named. You can switch to a channel by double clicking it.

The Chat Channels

On our Vent server, there are channels have specific purposes:

    General Chit-Chat: For guildies to get together and talk about anything, game related or not.

    Family Friendly: G-Rated chat for use by our younger guildies. (This is the only family friendly, cussin' not allowed, happy bunnies, and rainbows all the time channel enforced only through peer pressure and common understanding. All other channels are - like the game - ESRB rated T / PG -13. (Parents, if you want to restrict your child's access to just this channel, please contact the Guild Master or an officer.)

    Classroom: For teaching and tutoring about the game.

    Alpha - Zeta: For teams taking on PvP, Dungeons, and Raids. (If you are in this channel and not part of the activity, you can listen but do not distract people from their activities.)

    Officer: A priviate channel for LR's officers and GM. (Members may be invinted to this channel by the Guild Master or an officer.)

    Kiska's Loft: A private channel for the Guild Master to use. (You can only be invited by the Guild Master to this channel.)
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