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re: How to Read the Guild Roster

You can use WoW's guild roster as a directory of members, their classes, professions and their guild status.

Public Note Tracks Guild Information

Legendary Raiders uses the character's public note to track things such as: initial join date, mains, alts, membership level, officer and volunteer positions. This information is recorded in pubic note for all to see.

Because the public note needs to be maintained uniformly, only the officers and guild master may change it. To make an update, send an email to one of them with your update and it will be done.

Initial Join Date

When a person joins the guild, they start off at "Initiate" status. The date they joined is the first entry in the public note. This is used only for determining when they are eligible to be upgraded to members. When they are promoted to member status, this date is erased.

Mains and Alts First

The public note has a very limited amount of writing it can hold. So, we pack as much information in it as we can in an albeit an abbreviated form.

For a main, the public note will start with the word "Main." For an alt, it will start "Character Name's Alt." This way, you can quickly tell who is a main and which main is playing their alt. (You can have up to 9 alts, but only 1 main. Mains are also tied to their guild Vent accounts, but that's a different How To:

Exception: Officers will always have their position in the public note of their chosen main. It never says "Main." The guild master's main and alts are very obvious. :)

Please Note: If the public note is empty, it's because the guildie needs to inform the GM or officers if the toon is a "Main" or "Alt." (Sadly, WoW does not trace characters back to players automatically.)

Volunteer Positions Second

If the character is a main, it may have some codes after it to indicate what volunteer position(s) the character holds. Here is a list of those codes:

    CC - Class Coach - the code that follows "CC" indicates which class: DR (Druid), DK (Death Knight), HU (Hunter), MA (Mage), PA (Paladin), PR (Priest), RO (Rogue), SH (Shaman), WL (Warlock), WA (Warrior) So, you would read the code "CC:DR,MA" as "Class Coach for Druid and Mage.
    QM - Quartermaster (All officers are Quartermasters, btw.)
    QH - Quest Helper
    PT - Profession Tutor - the code that follows "PT" indicates which profession: AL (Alchemy), AR (Archeology), BL (Blacksmithing), EC (Enchanting), EN (Engineering), FA (First Aid), FI (Fishing), HE (Herbalism), IN (Inscription), JC (Jewelcrafting), LW (Leatherworking), SK (Skinning), TA (Tailoring). So, you would read the code "PT:BL,EN" as "Profession Tutor in Blacksmithing and Engineering.
    PL - PvP Leader
    RL - Raid Leader
Please Note: Officers may hold volunteer positions, too. Those positions always appear after their officer title in the public note. For example, "Raid Coordinator CC:RO RL PL PT:LW;SK" is "Raid Coordinator officer who is a Class Coach for rogues, Raid Leader, PvP Leader, and Profession Tutor in leatherworking and skinning."

Being Marked as On Hiatus from WoW & Legendary Raiders

If you see "H Main" or "H Name's Alt" it means that that member has been marked as on "hiatus," which means they have contacted an officer and are taking an extended leave of absence from WoW. We have their toons marked to protect them from being kicked for inactivity for up to 90 days.

~ Myah (a.k.a. Kiska, Animaula, Nepeta, and more than 50 others.)
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