Founded April 18, 2007, we're a large, active, olde skool guild packed with friendly, mature members.  We have consistent raiding, determined PvPing, and delightful social events that are all about enjoying the heck out of WoW at the "speed of life."

A Legendary Raider is:

  • Friendly, relaxed, & active.
  • Excellent to their guildmates.

If you're a new or returning member, a member with questions, or a potential member just checking us out, please visit our Getting Started section.  That'll tell you all you need to know to ... get started! ... with Legendary Raiders.  Or, "LR," as we like to say.

If you want to find out how LR is governed, visit our Guild Charter.

And, you can find out what Blizzard says LR has been up to on their page about us.

Please enjoy your stay with us, be excellent to each other, & quest on!

LR's Leadership Team,

Kiska-Velen, Guild Master
Crisspiano, Knowledge Officer
Doruun, Communications Officer
Grizzlee, Mythic+ Coordinator
Hascouf, Raid Coordinator & GM-to-Be
Tessilena, Achievements Officer