Legendary Raiders maintains two guild banks, LR-Velen and LR-Eonar, for accepting, storing, and distributing items and gold to guildies and guild operations such as equipment repairs, raids, PvP, and happiness events.  The Guild Master controls all guild bank operations.

The guild bank supports the following services:

  • Equipment Repair
    • Members are encouraged to repair from the guild bank up to the maximum amount per character per day.
  • Deposit and Withdraw Items
    • LR-Velen's and LR-Eonar's guild bank tabs 1 through 5 are open to all guildies rank Members and above.
    • You may deposit whatever you like.
    • You may only withdraw items that are relevant to the withdrawing characters class, level, and professions up to a maximum number of items per character per day.
  • Raid, PvP, and Events
    • LR-Velen's and LR-Eonar's last three guild bank tabs have items that are set aside to support guild raiding, PvP, as Happiness and other guild functions.

Spending Guidelines

The gold donated to or earned by the guild is used to further the guild's goals.  In consultation with the officers, Guild Master shall spend the gold within these guidelines in descending order of importance:

  1. Contingency
    1. The guild shall maintain 5,000 gold as a hedge against unforeseen, negative events.  (If spent, this fund is replenished at the rate of at least 300 gold per day starting the day after it is spent.)
  2. Provisioning Guild Sponsored Raid and PvP Teams
    1. The guild shall provide provisions to these teams in the form of:  items, repair, enchants, and the like as deemed reasonable and appropriate by the Raid Coordinator, PvP Coordinator, PvP Leaders, and Raid Leaders.
  3. Events
    1. Providing gold and item awards for members who participate in guild events as deemed appropriate by the Happiness officer.  It will be stated up front whether the awards are randomly gifted or given upon completing some task.
      1. Random Gift Example:  All guildies who attend receive a chance to win an item determined by a random roll.
      2. Task Example:  All guildies who complete the event will be given an equal amount of gold.
  4. Equipment Repair Assistance
    1. A small, fixed, uniform stipend to all members to assist with paying day-to-day equipment repair costs.
      1. Initiates may repair up to 25 gold per toon per day.
      2. Members may repair up to 100 gold per toon per day.
      3. Officers may repair up to 5,000 gold per toon per day.  (This limit is so high because officers may withdraw funds from the guild bank to support guild functions and WoW does not distiguish between repairs and withdraws.)
      4. The Guild Master may repair up to an unlimited amount per day.  (This limit is so high because Guild Masters may withdraw funds from the guild bank to support guild functions and WoW does not distiguish between repairs and withdraws.)

Extra Storage Guild Bank

From time to time, Legendary Raiders' guild banks may run out of space to store items.  The GM stores the overflow in Pandataria's guild bank and returns them to to the main guild banks as needed.  Being that the GM has the responsibility to manage virtual goods, the GM is also the GM of Pandataria.