Guild chat is defined as communication by text, voice, images, and the like between guildies in WoW or outside on guild owned text and voice chat systems, servers, forums, publications, websites, and the like.

Guild chat is an open forum where guildies may share their thoughts, exchange ideas, ask for guidance, and socialize with your fellow guildies in real time. 

All guildies may use the guild's voice chat free of charge.

All guildes may use the guild's website free of charge.

All that is asked is that you:

  • Be respectful of your follow guildies.
    • Talk to them as you wish to be talked to.  Be happy for them when they do well.  Empathize with them when they face challenges.  Appreciate their differences.  And, offer constructive advice when asked.
  • Stay on topic.
    • The chat is primarily about the game, guild, and relationship building through common interests.  Please avoid discussions that drive wedges between people such as race, religion, sexual orientation, and politics.
  • Keep your posts reasonably clean.
    • The game is rated ESRB T for Teens which means that it may be suitable for ages 13 and older and may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.  (This is a direct quote from the ESRB.)  Therefore, if you think that what you're about to say could be considered beyond "infrequent use of strong language" and socially constructed or interpreted as:  insulting, rude, vulgar, obscene, obnoxious, foul, desecrating, racist, or the like, it probably is; so please, refrain from posting it in guild chat.
  • Only share what you wish other people to know about the real life you.
    • Remember that guild chat (and the game) is a public place. Every time you say something in guild chat, keep in mind that all of your fellow guildies can read it.  So, make every impression a good impression.
  • Be light, conversational, and friendly with your banter.
    • If you've experienced or accomplished something, share.  If you're looking for help, ask.  If you just heard a great joke, retell.

In game, LR's owned and operated WoW Retail guilds' chats are connected using GreenWall.

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