The guild master is the leader of the guild who is charged with setting and creating ways in which the membership may accomplish Legendary Raiders' goals.  The guild master is always expected to use their talents and skills to make this possible at all times.

In addition to their benefits and responsibilities as a member and officer of the guild, the guild master:

  1. Sets and leads the achievement of guild goals with the advice and consul of the officers, input and support of the members, and the help of all.
  2. Communicates guild progress and direction to the membership and officers.
  3. Makes appointments to and officiates elections for guild officers.
  4. Entrusted to manage virtual and real-world guild funds and property, if any. Examples are the guild bank (virtual) and website (real world.)

Guild masters serve one six-month term.

LR's current guild master is listed on Getting Started > Leadership Team.


Should the guild master be unable to perform their duties for a more than two days, due to sickness or vacation, the guild master appoints the officer who has served the longest as officer as guild master pro tempore and they conduct guild business in the guild master’s place until the guild master returns.

Should the guild master suddenly step down, the officer who has served the longest as officer immediately becomes guild master pro tempore and conducts the search for a new guild master per the rules below.

Selecting a New Guild Master

In the fifth month of their term, they begin the search for a new guild master. Candidates to become the new guild master must:

  • Hold a rank of member or above.
  • Have been a member of the guild for at least four months.
  • Either holds or has previously held a leadership position within the guild such as: volunteer, officer, or other duty in the guild that the guild master and officers recognize as making them a de facto leader in the past year.
  • Not be on the two-month rest break from serving as the prior guild master.
  • Not be a GM or officer of another guild.

Candidates are then interviewed by the current guild master for as to their fit to the position.  The nature, manner, conduct, and content of the interview is at the discretion of the guild master.

The candidates who pass the interview are reviewed by the guild officers and an Elder Council. (The "Elder Council" is a temporary committee chaired by the guild master and staffed with seasoned, wise, and respected guildies with the guild rank member who have been recommended and selected by the officers and guild master.  Once its duties are discharged, the Elder Council is disbanded.)

After each candidate is reviewed, each guild officer and Elder Council member votes for or against the candidate becoming the next guild master giving the current guild master a list of acceptable candidates or selecting no candidates at all.

The current guild master then selects the new guild master from that list within three days.

If the officers and Elder Council recommend no one as the new guild master, then no suitable candidates have been found. The current guild master's term is automatically extended by one month and the process repeats itself until a new guild master is found.

To ensure an orderly transition, the current guild master will mentor the new guild master for a negotiated time of between two to four weeks after which the new guild master assumes full rank and duties as his / her term starts and the old guild master's term ends. To ensure continuity of leadership, the new guild master may appoint the old guild master to an officer position per rules under the Officer section with the exception that it be a limited to a one term (three month) appointment; otherwise, the old guild master steps down and will not hold an officer position for at least two months.