Members are the core of guild success.  What they need to accomplish as a group sets guild goals.

Legendary Raiders membership is open to all players on the connected servers who agree to be:

  1. Excellent to their guildmates.
  2. Friendly, relaxed, & self-sufficient.

Membership tiers and their rights and benefits are defined in Getting Started > Membership.


Guildies ranked Member and above have the option of becoming Volunteers to the posts described in Getting Started > Membership under the Volunteers section.  The guildie may volunteer for as they like at the discretion of the guild master and officer they report up to.


An active guild membership is important to us.  And, LR-Velen may only have 1,000 members.  Therefore, if a member is away from the game for a while and and have not requested an extended absence, may be removed from the guild for inactivity.  Those rules are defined in Getting Started > Membership.