Legendary Raiders owns and operates three guilds:  Legendary Raiders of Velen (LR-Velen), Legendary Raiders of Eonar (LR-Eonar), and Pandataria of Velen.

  1. LR-Velen is the primary, base-of-operations guild for all guild functions and guildies.  Guildies may have up to three toons in this guild.  Guildies must keep the toon they are known by (main) here and are encouraged to keep their toons that are part of the guild’s PvP, Raid, and other teams here, too.  This is because the game limits us to 1,000 toons per guild.
  2. LR-Eonar is our expansion guild.  Guildies may place many alts in this guild.
  3. Pandataria of Velen is used by LR’s GM to store overflow from the two guild banks.  (See "Guild Bank" section below.)

The charter’s rules apply equally to all these guilds.  Also, LR-Velen's GM and officers span all guilds.

LR uses the GreenWall addon to unify LR-Velen's, LR-Eonar’s, and Pandateria's guild chats.