10/11/20 - Added references to Black Dragonflight and Gul'dan owned and operated guilds.  Moved list of Greenwall linked guilds to Getting Started > Greenwall.  Dropped references to LR being a two-guild only entity.

10/3/20 - Removed listing current GM, officers, and their term dates in the guild charter.  Those pages now have a link to Getting Started > Leadership Team.

6/26/20 - Made Volunteer role explicitly voluntary with no term limit, instead of implied.  Added that Officers must manage the Volunteers that report up to them, instead of implying it.

For consoldidation and "one stop shop" sake:

6/25/20 - Moved Inactivity and Membership / Initiate definitions and processes to Getting Started > Membership.

6/15/20 - Slightly reformatted all sections, especially lists and added additional white space.

5/21/20 - Reformated the Charter due to a website error.  In the Guild Master section, added rules around GM's granting Pro Tem powers when they are on vacation.  Removed PvP and Raiding rules out of the guild charter and into respective sections.  In the Officers section, the GM can now remove remove officers for cause at any time.  Guild chat section rules now apply to all types of possible chat:  text, voice, publications, media, and so on.  Voice Chat instructions moved to Getting Started > Discord.  Website instructions moved to Getting Started > Website.

2/18/20 - Updates made to Voice Chat section reflecting the move from Ventrilo to Discord.

8/21/18 - Added Recruiter volunteer role.

12/19/17 - Updated guild repair from 25 / 5 to 100 / 25 gold per day for members / initiates.  Added Battle.net links to guild description pages.

10/23/16 - Added Owned and Operated guilds section and modified the charter to acknowledge and encompess them.

11/12/15 - Guid chat rules now explicitly apply to voice chat.

5/17/15 - Per LR Leadership agreement to expand the pool of GM candidates post 6/8/15, revised GM eligiblity rules to include former officers who are on their two month break from leadership and exclude the former GM who is either serving as an officer or is on their two month break from leadership.  Removed Gear Score and Loot System rules from Raiding section.  They are now covered on the website's raiding section and are at the respective raid leader's discretion working in conjunction with the Raid Coordinator.

12/7/14 - Revised page layout to fit the website's new template.  In the Guild Bank section, referenced decreasing the guild repairs due to Blizzard's decision to significantly reduce the amount of gold guilds automatically generate.

10/14/14 - Revised raiding section to bring it in line with SoO and 6.0.2's changes to raid loot rules.

12/11/12 - Due to a limit in the amount of text that could be stored in a website widget, the charter was split into sections.  (No wording was changed for the split.)  Added reference to Pandataria, the guild Legendary Raiders maintains to store guild bank overflow, in the Guild Bank section.

12/4/12 - Moved Revision section into its own website widget as the Guild Charter was getting to long to save all text.  Updated rule that Initiates must wait 10 days before they become Members per our current promotion workflow.  Added gear requirements for early Pandaria raids to Raiding section.  Updated officer assignments per swearing in 12/1/12.  Clarified rules around officers moving to different posts yet only serving six months total regardless of post.  Clarified communications officer duties.

6/14/12 - Added guild master appointment rules.

5/16/12 - Improved the Guild Chat guideline, "Keep your posts reasonably clean," with a specific test for "infrequent use of strong language."

(Previous entries were lost due to an unbeknownst text length limitation discovered 12/4/12.)