Welcome to Legendary Raiders.  :)  We're glad you're here and may you find many friends with us!

Let's get you started quickly.


First, of course, you have to join Legendary Raiders, or "LR" as we affectionately abbreviate it.  We only have two requirements:

  1. You're on one of the following US-based servers:  Andorhal, Black Draonflight, Eonar, Gul'dan, Scilla, Skullcrusher, Ursin, Velen, or Zuluhed.  All these servers are linked, so you can join Legendary Raiders from any of them.
  2. You're a friendly, mature, happy, and active player looking to enjoying the game with minimum drama, maximum camaraderie, and civil guild chat who will be excellent to your fellow guildmates.

Meet both of the above?  Great!  Then, you can join us through any of these three ways in game:

  • Open the Guild & Communities window.  In the seach box, type "Legendary Raiders" then click the Search button and apply to join.  Somewhere between a few moments to a day or two, you'll receive and invite to join. Hang tight; you will get an invite! :)
  • In the chat box, type "/who Legendary Raiders" which brings up a list of our guildies online.  Ask one of them if a recruiter, officer, or the guild master is online to invite you.  By the way, the person you are speaking to may be ranked as Member and can invite you too.
  • Seek out our recruiters, officers, and guild master through whispers and in game mail.  You will find them listed here.  If you have questions before joining, ask them.  They're in guild leadership to answer questions about LR.

You'll notice that this website does not have a "Join the Guild" feature.  Since you can find LR so easily in game, there's no need for it here.


When you first join, your guild rank is Initiate.  You’ll be able to speak in guild chat, view and donate items to guild bank, create calendar events, sign up for calendar events, join our Discord server, and have a small repair stipend.

Also, after you join, the guild roster's player note will say that your first toon that joined is your main toon.  When one of your alts joins LR, an officer updates your alt’s guild roster’s player note to say it belongs to your main.

If you've told us, your main’s player note also has your preferred play style recorded as Raid, PvP, Both (as in "both raid and PvP,") or Casual.

If your play style changes, you add an alt, or want to switch an alt to a main, please ask an officer or the GM to update your guild roster’s player note.  Please don’t do it yourself as we use it to keep track of things.

And speaking of LR’s officers and GM, you can find them and volunteers and leads listed here.  Feel free to ask them questions.

You’ll start off with your main in LR on Velen (a.k.a. LR-Velen) and you can have up to two characters there.  You may place many additional ones in LR on Eonar (a.k.a. LR-Eonar) where infrequently played alts are welcome.  Only a guildie ranked as a Recruiter, Officer, or GM can invite toons there.

Because we run nine guilds, you’ll want to install the GreenWall addon to connect their guild chats.  No configuration necessary; it’s download, install, and go!

While our website is where you can learn all about LR and see how it's run, to really connect with your new gildies, you’ll want an account on LR’s Discord server.  It’s where all our social stuff is; plus, it’s required for guild raids, PvP, and social events.  Fortunately, Discord is free!  :)  Please either see these instructions or send an in-game mail to our GM or Communications Officer for an invite.

About 10 days after joining, you’ll be automagically upgraded to Member rank which means you'll be able to withdraw items from the guild banks, invite people to LR, and have a larger repair stipend.  Eventually, you might even be a Volunteer, Lead, Officer, or even GM for all of them started as members and return to being members all of them will.

For now, though, that’s the basics.  :)

If you wish to learn more about your new virtual home, just continue on in the Navigation section below.

And, again, we're so very glad you’re here.  WoW is better with good friends just like you! :)


As you can see on the left under "Section Nav," the Getting Started information is broken up in sections where you can learn more about LR:

  1. Section Home – Where you are now.  A quick start to joining, membership, and your new virtual home.
  2. Membership – What being a member of LR is about, what it entitles you to, and your responsiblities to your fellow members to keep LR our good and happy place in a World of War(craft).
  3. Leadership Team - Who's stepped up from member to be an acknowldeged leader in LR and how to contact them.
  4. Guilds – A listing of all LR's guilds and everything you need to know about them.
  5. Guild Banks – How our guild banks work.  And, why you want to have a toon in LR-Eonar.  (Hint: it's all about the mats!)
  6. Discord – Discord is more than our voice chat server.  It's LR's social hub where you can share news, pictures, videos, ask questions / receive answers, and more about the game and real life.  Exclusive to us, boosted with Discord Nitro, and enhanced with Jeeves bot, you should get Discord, join our server, and make some in guild friends today.
  7. GreenWall – In-game guild chat is what keeps members connected to each other while playing WoW.  And since LR owns multiple guilds, we connect all guild chat with the GreenWall addon, which only works if you install it.  So, install it today.
  8. Website – Just a bit about our website, as all of our in guild social interactions have moved to guild chat and Discord.
  9. Links - Helpful links about the guild that don't fit neatly anywhere else.
  10. Revisions – A list of changes and improvements that have been made to the Getting Started section.