While WoW does have its own voice chat service, LR has chosen Discord as its voice chat because:

  • It uses minimal computer resources.
  • It can be set to being voice activated so the player's attention is focused on the game interface.
  • Game crashes do not affect it.
  • It supports text messages, screen sharing, private messages, has a large user community, and the like.

To use Discord:

  1. Join Discord by visiting their website and download the Discord program.
    1. Having issues? Please see their Beginner's Guide to Discord, their Help Center or this wikiHow page.
    2. While you can set it up on your smartphone, setting it up on your computer is preferred.
  2. If it's not up and running already, start Discord.
  3. Join our server.
    1. First, click on this link.  It will pass information to Discord running on your computer.
    2. Our Discord server will open up in your Discord program.
    3. You'll find yourself in our server's #verification-room, a text message only room.
    4. Then, contact an officer in game so they can verify that you are a guildie, assign you a role, and change your nickname to match your main. We assign you a nickname based on your main so we can more easily keep track of our members. This will only change your name for the LR server and will not effect your Discord account in any way.
      1. If you don't follow this step, you will not have full access to the guild discord.
    5. Once you've been authorized by an officer, you're free to move about our Discord.
    6. If you leave LR, we will remove you from our Discord server.
      1. If you come back, you'll have to go thrugh the verification process listed above again.


All guild chat rules are in force in the guild's voice chat.

All members of Legendary Raiders may use our voice chat free of charge.

If they haven't spoken for a while, the system will automatically move guildies from a voice channel to the AFK channel.

Streaming: You must follow the terms of service of your streaming platform. At Legendary Raiders you may only stream your voice and your video.


Our voice chat server is divided into several channels that have voice and text channels grouped under them.  Each one has a specific purpose:

  • Legendary Raiders Info - Information about the guild and our Discord.
  • Guest - A voice channel for PUGs to wait for a lead or officer to drag to an appropriate channel. Only the GM, Officers, Leads, and Guests can see this channel.
  • Classes - Class specific information and discussion
  • Role Specific - Role specific information and discussion
  • WoW Info - Information about the game.  Knowledge officers hold classes here.
  • Social - Get to know your fellow guildes.
    • Family Friendly - G-Rated chat for use by our younger guildies. This is the only family friendly, cussing not allowed, happy bunnies, colorful rainbows, and sparkly glitter all the time channel enforced only through peer pressure and common understanding. All other channels are, like the game, ESRB rated T.
  • Raid - Supports our raiding teams.
    • If you're not actively raiding, feel free to listen in but don't interrupt during pulls.
  • PvP - Supports our PvP teams.
    • If you're not actively PvPing, feel free to listen in but don't interrupt the slaughter.
  • Dungeons & Mythics - Supports our dungeoning.
    • If you're not actively part of the team, feel free to listen in but don't interrupt.
  • Questing - Supports our quest groups.
  • Happiness - Supports our happiness events.
  • Lead - For raid and PvP leaders to strategize.
  • AFK - If you do not talk for one hour, you are automatically moved here.  While you are in this channel, the only thing you can do is move to another channel or log off.  Wait long enough in this channel, and Discord will automatically kick you off.  You can always log back in or move yourself from this channel.
  • Officer - A private section LR's Leadership Team.
    • Only the Guild Master or an officer may temporarily invite people to this area.
  • GM's Loft - A private channel for the Guild Master to use.
    • Only the Guild Master may temporarily invite people to this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Why does an officer have to verify my LR Discord account?"

Our Discord server is for guildies only.  We must verify that you are a guildie, change your Discord nickname for the server to you main's name, and assign you rights within the server.  Should you leave the guild, your Discord privilages are termined.

"My account on LR's Discord server was terminated.  What happened?"

You either:

  1. Left the guild.  Our Discord server is only for guildies.
  2. Your Discord nickname did not match any names in LR's roster.  Matching Discord names to main's names is essential to knowing who is who on the server and for community building.  So, you have been removed.

An officer can help you fix both of these issues.

"How do I fix my mic?"

See "Where'd my Audio Input go?"

"How do I post a link to a web site or picture to a text channel?"

Copy and paste the full URL with “HTTP://” or “HTTPS://”.  For example, “http://legendaryraiders.guildlaunch.com/".

"How do I change the volume on someone who’s too loud or too soft to just right?"

Right click on their name and under User Volume adjust the slider left or right to make them quieter or louder.

"How do I access my account settings?"

Find your account name by looking down on the bottom, left hand column of the Discord app under the channel listing.  Then, to customize your account settings, click on the cog near your username.  You will be taken to the user setting screen.

"What’s the difference between text and voice chat channels?"

Text is typed message that’s persistent, it lasts until someone deletes them.  Voice is for voice communication only.  And the twain never meet.

However, you can be in one voice chat and one text chat channel at the same time. They don’t have to be in the same category at that time either!  For instance, you can be in the Raiding category’s “Alpha” voice chat channel and in the General category’s “general-text-chat” text chat channel.

"Does LR recommend the browser version of Discord?"

No.  Nobody does.  If you use it, you’re on your own.

Download the Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS version and use that instead.

"How do I turn Discord's WoW overlay on and, more importantly, off?"

Open up your Discord User settings.  Click the Overlay tab.  Click off "Enable in-game overlay."

See this support article for more.