While WoW does have it's own voice chat service, LR has chosen Discord as it's voice chat because:

  • It uses minimal computer resources.
  • It can be set to being voice activated so the player's attention is focused on the game interface.
  • Game crashes do not affect it.

It supports text messages, screen sharing, private messages, has a large user community, and the like.

To install Discord, start byvisting their website and set up the program.  (Computer is preferred over smartphone.)  Then, contact an officer for an invite to LR's Discord server.


All guild chat rules are in force in the guild's voice chat.

All members of Legendary Raiders may use our voice chat free of charge.

The name you use on LR's Discord server must match your main toon's name.  (It will be changed when you logon; this will only appear on LR's Discord server and will not affect your Discord account in any way.

Members may ask officer to allow guests to join LR's voice chat for a limited time.  (Please note that the member requesting the account is responsible for the actions of their guests.)  Guests account permissions are very restricted; and on their own, they may only join channels available to a guest by themselves.

If they haven't spoken for a while, the system will automatically move guildies from an active channel to the AFK channel.


Chat Channels

Our voice chat server is divided into chat channels.  Each one has a specific purpose:

General Chit-Chat: For guildies to get together and talk about anything, game related or not.

Family Friendly: G-Rated chat for use by our younger guildies. This is the only family friendly, cussing not allowed, happy bunnies, colorful rainbows, and sparkly glitter all the time channel enforced only through peer pressure and common understanding. All other channels are - like the game - ESRB rated T. (Parents, if you want to restrict your child's access to just this channel, please contact the Guild Master or an officer.)

Classroom: For teaching and tutoring about the game.

Alpha - Zeta: For teams taking on PvP, Dungeons, and Raids. (If you are in this channel and not part of the activity, you can listen but please do not distract people from their activities.)

AFK:  If you do not talk for one hour, you are automatically moved here.  While you are in this channel, the only thing you can do is move to another channel or log off.  Wait long enough in this channel, and Vent will automatically kick you off.  This prevents Vent from becoming populated with people who are away from the keyboard.  (You can log back in if you've been removed.)

Officer:  A private channel for LR's officers and GM.  (Members may be invited to this channel by the Guild Master or an officer.)

GM's Loft: A private channel for the Guild Master to use. (Only the Guild Master may invite people to this channel.)

Frequently Asked Questions