The GreenWall addon allows multiple guilds to share a common guild and officer chat. It also replicates achievement spam between guilds. It's a turn-key system that requires guild members to do nothing more than install the add-on to participate.

Guildies are strongly encouraged to download and install this addon.  (Remember, zero configuration needed.)

Frequently Asked Questions

"Must I install GreenWall?"

No.  But, because LR has multiple guilds and other guildies are using GreenWall, your guild chat is going to appear and read a little odd.  Like people are having conversations with nobody.  And, there's a fair chance that you won't see requests for aid, to join guild groups going to dungeons & raids & PvP, offers of free pets, and so on.

So, no, you don't have to install it.  But, your LR and game experience will be much better if you do.

"Which guild chats are connected?"

LR guilds on Andorhal, Eonar, Scilla, Ursin, Velen, and Zuluhed have guild and officer chat connected.

"Why isn't it working?"

First, make sure you have it installed. :)

Second, make sure you have one private chat channel available for it to work (two in the case of officers and the GM) and you may only have 10 total chat channels.  To see how many chat channels you have in game, click on Chat Channels.  They are numbered 1 to 10.

If both those issues are solved, contact our Communications or Knowledge officers and they'll help you.

"How come some member's messages are truncated?"

Wow's chat messages can only be 255 characters long.

To this, GreenWall is going to add the character's name and four-character guild designation, that takes up a variable number of characters depending on the guild member's name plus the guild designation (LR-A, LR-E, LR-V, and so on.)

Some guilides are running Incognito, an addon that adds a name to their chat messages.  Sometimes it's their real first name.  Other times it's their main's name.  It depends on the guildie.  That, plus the above, is going to shorten their message length again.

This is an unalterable compromise we have to make to connect guild chats.

If you don't see the full post, feel free to ask the guildie to repost but shorter.