Since all guildies are required to have a toon in LR-Velen, its calendar is the calendar-of-record for all guild events.

Calendar Entries and How to Use Them

WoW has three different kinds of calendar entries:

  1. Event.  Only the people who you, the organizer, invite to the event may see it on their in-game calendars on the toon you invited, regardless of whether they are a guildie or not.
  2. Guild Event.  All guildies may see the event on their calendars while on a toon in that LR owned and operated guild.  They may sign up for the event as they wish, and only 100 may sign up at once.  You may only invite toons to guild event that are not in guild.
  3. Guild Announcement.  Alerts guildies on their calendar of … something.  There’s no way to sign hup for it or respond to it.

Scheduling Calendar Entries Across Guilds

  1. On LR-Velen's calendar, schedule the event, guild event, or guild announcement.
  2. On LR-Eonar's calendar, schedule a guild announcement that points back to LR-Velen's entry.
  3. If you need to invite guildies from LR-Eonar to LR-Velen guild events, open the guild event, enter their character's name, click invite, and they'll be invited on their in-game calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How come I can't schedule anything?"

Only guildies ranked "Member" or higher may schedule calendar entries.

If you are ranked Member or higher and still can't schedule calendar entries, the calendar can only hold a limited number of events.  So, contact someone is the Leadership Team to delete old ones and review future ones.

"Should I put the same guild event on every guild calendar?"

No.  It's easier to schedule the guild event on LR-Velen's calendar and invite toons from LR-Eonar to it.

"Why don't we use an out-of-game calendar?"

We've tried.  The adoption rate is terrible and keeping two calendars in sync is a nightmare.

"Can I invite out-of-guild characters to guild events?"

If it's your event and you'll be responsible for them, sure.  But remember, because they're not guildies, they can't use our Discord.