LR's current leadership team is listed below.

Please feel free to contact them in game through guild chat, whisper, and in game mail.  To find the guild master and officers in game, click the Guilds & Communities button and sort the guild by rank.  The guild master will be at the top, followed by their alts.  Then the officers and their alts will be listed.  You'll see that officers have the office that hey hold in their main's player note.

If they are not the guild master or an officer, volunteers can be ranked as lead, recruiter, elder, or member and their guild roster player note is standard without any special distiction.

Outside of WoW, everyone is available through our Discord server by public posts and private direct messages (DMs,) though the Discord user name may not match the in game main character's name.  Generally, they are not available through the website's email and the website's chat is turned off.  Also, we do not release or list BTag or contact information such as physical addresses, personal emails, or phone numbers.

Per our guild's charter, our guild master and officers reguarly step down and new ones from within our membership step up.  In this way, LR's leadership always reflects our membership's interests.  Volunteers have no term limits.  This list is updated as needed.

Guild Master

Eaglet-Eonar, only term ends 3/27/21.


Achievements: Jantharil-Eonar, first term ends 3/22/22.

Communications:  Cafecreme-Velen, second term ends 4/13/22.

Happiness:  Vallaya-Eonar, first term ends 4/31/22.

Knowledge:  Raveneyes-Velen, first term ends 3/21/22.

Mythic+ Coordinator:  Open. Contact GM if interested.

PvP Coordinator:  Ælmerfudd-Eonar, second term ends 2/14/22.

Raid Coordinator:  Stelarius-Ursin, first term ends 2/20/22.


Casavir-Eonar, East and West Coast Assistant Raid Leader

Doruun-Eonar, Weekend Raid Leader

Kiska-Velen, Recruiter, Webmaster

Perlonis-Velen, East Coast Assistant Raid Leader

Stelarius-Ursin, East Coast Raid Leader

Xanderro-Velen, West Coast Raid Leader

Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I get to be an Officer?"

Other guilds grant officerships and the powers that go with that role based on a guildie's time in guild and then they, generically, participate in ad-hoc leading their guild.

LR doesn't do that.

You see, every LR Officer has something specific they lead for the guild to benefit our members: raiding, PvPing, social events (happiness), communications, achievements, & knowledge.  Being an LR officer is a calling & a lot of work.  They only succeed because our Members lend them support, give them ideas, & participate in events.  And, they only serve for a set amount of time before retiring, which is another thing that sets our Officers apart from other guilds'.

Sometimes Members return to Officer posts, but most times not because, along with it being a rewarding experience, it is also  draining.  Like...  Part-time job draining.

For exactly what it takes to become a LR officer and which positions are available, please read our charter's Officer section.

"How long is an officer's term?"

Officers volunteer to serve for three months.  They may serve an additional three months if they and the GM agree to it.  After that, they leave the officer position and go back to the membership position they held.  For more info, please read our charter's Officer section.

"How long do volunteers serve?"

Whichever comes first, either as long as the officer they report up to wishes them to or as long as they wish to.

"In game, how can I tell which officer is in charge of which guild service like PvP, Raiding, or Happiness?"

In the in-game guild roster, our officers have the rank "Officer" and, for their main toon, their player note has the area they are responsible listed.

"I have a general question about the guild, who do I contact?"

Any officer you wish.  If they don't know the answer, they'll get the answer for you or direct you to someone who knows the answer.   Generally though, you might want to seek out the GM, Communication, or Knowledge officers in that order.  If you don't see them online, send them an in-game mail.

"Are officers the only guildies who can invite gamers to the guild?"

It depends on which guild they're joining.

For LR-Velen, all ranks, except Initiate and Time Out, may invite another person to LR-Velen.  We trust our members to invite their friends, family, and other 'guildie quality' players they happen to team up with while playing WoW.  All new guildies join LR-Velen first.

For LR-Eonar, only recruiters, officers, and the GM may invite there.  This is because LR-Eonar is for main's alts only.  For that reason, we must track who owns which toon.  Otherwise, it would be a bit of a mess.

"I have an issue with a volunteer.  Who do I speak with?"

The officer to whom that volunteer reports up to.

"I have an issue with an officer.  Who do I speak with?"

LR's GM.