LR's current leadership team is listed below.

Please feel free to contact them in game through guild chat, whisper, and in game mail.  To find the guild master and officers in game, click the Guilds & Communities button and sort the guild by rank.  The guild master will be at the top, followed by their alts.  Then the officers and their alts will be listed.  You'll see that officers have the office that hey hold in their main's player note.

If they are not the guild master or an office, volunteers are ranked as members and their guild roster player note is standard without any special distiction.

Outside of WoW, everyone is available through our Discord server by public posts and private direct messages (DMs,) though the Discord user name may not match the in game main character's name.  Generally, they are not available through the website's email and the website's chat is turned off.  Also, do we release or list BTag or contact information such as physical addresses, personal emails, or phone numbers.

Per our guild's charter, our guild master and officers reguarly step down and new ones from within our membership step up.  In this way, LR's leadership always reflects our membership's interests.  Volunteers have no term limits.  This list is updated as needed.

Guild Master

Hascouf-Velen, only term ends 1/28/21


Achievements: Jantharil-Eonar, first term ends 12/19/20

Communications:  Phury-Velen, first term ends 1/3/21

Happiness:  Eaglet-Eonar, first term ends 10/12/20

Knowledge:  Crisspiano-Velen, second term ends 11/23/20; Notremedy-Eonar, first term ends 1/03/21

Mythic+ Coordinator, a Special Projects officership:  Grizzlee-Eonar, second term ends 12/8/20

PvP Coordinator:  Open.  Contact GM if interested.

Raid Coordinator:  Paraggonn-Velen, first term ends 11/09/20

Scribe, a Special Projects officership:  Kiska-Velen, only term expires 10/28/20


Anarian-Velen, Raid Leader

Docryktor-Velen, Raid Leader

Doruun-Eonar, Raid Leader

Kaötik-Velen, Raid Leader

Kiska-Velen, Raid Leader, Recruiter, Webmaster

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