Your LR membership comes with a lot of perks to enhance your WoW experience both in and outside of game.

Rank Permissions and Promotions

When a player first joins the guild, they are ranked as an Initiate with the following permissions:

  • Talk in guild chat.
  • View all guild bank items and able to donate items to the guild bank.
  • Create and sign up for guild calendar events.
  • Repair from the guild bank per guild rank's rules.
  • Participate on LR's Discord server for free per its rules.
  • Participate on LR's website for free per its rules.
  • Have two characters in LR-Velen and lots of alts in LR-Eonar.

After approximately 10 days, Initiates are automatically promoted to Member rank, which has additional permissions:

  • Withdraw items from the guild banks up to their daily limits.
  • Increased repair stipend.
  • Increased Discord server permissions.
  • Able to invite other players to LR-Velen.

The next rank with slightly more permssion is Recruiter, which is a volunteer position that can invite guildies to LR-Eonar.  Otherwise, their permissions remain the same as Member's.

Should a Member become an officer, they have the additional permissions:

  • Able to deposit and withdraw items from all guild bank tabs.
  • Increased repair stipend.
  • Increased Discord server permissions.
  • Increased website permissions.
  • Able to invite guildies to LR-Eonar.
  • All WoW officer permissions.

When a guildie becomes LR's GM, they have maximum permissions thru WoW, Discord, and website.  In addition, they become GM of Pandateria.

Rank Tiers

On the surface, LR has a very flat ranking:

  1. Guild Master
  2. Officer
  3. Lead
  4. Recruiter
  5. Elder
  6. Member
  7. Initiate

However, there are some sublties and details within the broad rank levels that need a little explaining:

  1. Guild Master
    1. The guild's leader who is charged with setting and creating ways in which the membership may accomplish LR's goals.
    2. May have four characters in LR-Velen.
  2. Guild Master Alt
    1. Because WoW allows only one character identifed as "Guild Master," the Guild Master's alts are in the next rank.
    2. Save for the ablity to dissolve the guild, they have all the power of the Guild Master rank.
  3. Guild Master-to-Be
    1. The Guild Master in training to take over for the current Guild Master.
    2. Has all the powers of the Guild Master's alt.
    3. May have four characters in LR-Velen
    4. This is only an official rank while there is a GM in training.
  4. Guild Master Pro Tem
    1. An Officer performing the duties of the Guild Master during their absence.
    2. Has all the powers of the Guild Master's alt.
    3. This is only an official rank while the GM is absent.
  5. Officer
    1. LR's dependable, knowledgeable, and helpful leaders.
    2. They work closely with the membership to deliver guild goals for everyone's benefit.
  6. Lead
    1. A member who is leading a PvP or Raid team.
    2. Works closely with the officre in charge of the PvP, Raiding, or both efforts.
    3. Has the ability to withdraw items and gold from Velen's guild bank to support the team's efforts.
  7. Recruiter
    1. A Member who holds the volunteer role as recruiter and has the ablity to add members to LR-Eonar.
    2. Due to the game's functionality and how we gate LR-Eonar's membership, LR must have this role.
    3. May have four characters in LR-Velen.
    4. Otherwise, has all the same benefits as Member rank.
  8. Elder
    1. An honorary role given to guildies who have been members for three consecutive years.
    2. Allowed to serve on the Elder Council to decide who will be LR's next GM.
    3. Has all the same benefits as Member rank.
  9. Member
    1. The rank and file; the core of guild success.  What they need to accomplish as a group sets guild goals.
    2. They may also be volunteers but, with the exception of Recruiter, their rank does not change.  Nonetheless, volunteers are part of LR's leadership team.
  10. Initiate
    1. Rank for new guildies.
    2. At a child's parent's request, LR will set a member to being a "Forever Initiate," preventing them from withdrawing guild bank items and limiting guild gold repairs.
      1. Guildies who are Forever Initiates have the designation "F.I." in their guild roster's Player and Officer Notes.
  11. Time Out
    1. A guildie holding this rank is still a guild member but is doing questionable things that need to be investigated.
    2. During the time a guildie is in in this rank, all membership privilages, with the exception of reading guild chat, are suspended.


Want to lend your expertice to running LR but don't want the responsiblities of being an Officer?  Then, consider volunteering to be a Volunteer!  :)  If you're ranked Member or higher, read below and see which Volunteer positions appeal to you.  Then, contact the Officer that postition reports up to and offer your services.

Class Coach:  Provides advice and training on how to be better at one's class.  Called upon to evaluate the skills of existing and potential raid and PvP team members.  Reports up to the Knowledge Officer.

Liaison:  Represents allied guilds and coordinates efforts between the guilds.  Must be an officer or GM of represented guild.  Must have one character in Legendary Raiders who is the rank of Member.  Reports up to the GM.

Quartermaster:  Provides advice pertaining to acquisition and use of the items, goods, and materials in the guild bank by the guildies.  Provides security to the guild bank by documenting and reporting questionable activities to any available officers and the GM.  Reports up to the GM.

Quest Helper:  Offers advice and direction on completing quests.  Reports up to the Knowledge Officer.

Profession Tutor:  Gives guidance and on professions. (Identified by profession.) Reports up to the Knowledge Officer(s).

PvP Lead:  Organizes and manages Arena, Random Battleground, and Rated Battleground teams as assigned.  Works closely with the guild's PvP Coordinator officer(s) on the following:  research, education, schedule, team composition and rotation, provisions, progression, loot rules, and the like.  Reports up to the PvP Coordinator.

Raid Lead:  Organizes and manages raids in the instance.  Works closely with the guild's Raid Coordinator officer(s) on the following:  research, education, schedule, team composition and rotation, provisions, progression, loot rules, and the like.  Reports up to the Raid Coordinator.

Recruiter:  Recruits new members to LR-Velen, able to invite LR-Velen's current members to LR-Eonar, answers prospective member's questions about the guild, and can maintain LR-Velen and LR-Eonar's guild roster's player note. Works closely with the guild's Communication officer for direction and alerts the Raid Coordinator, PvP Coordinator, raid leads, and PvP leads of new members who have an interest in raiding and PvPing respectively.  To facilitate recruiting, allowed to have four characters in LR-Velen.  Reports up to the Communications officer.

Webmaster:  Keeps the website up and running.  Reports up to the Communications officer.

Not interested in volunteering but want to contact who has?  Click on Getting Started > Leadership to see who has volunteered for what.


An active guild membership is important to LR's goals of longevity, achievements, and providing our guildies with an excellent in game experince.  And since the game caps guild membership at 1,000 members, LR must remove players who have become inactive.

In order to prevent being removed for inactivity, play your toons at least once a month. If you're going to take a break from WoW, contact LR's GM or an Officer and they will put you on hiatus for up to 180 days.

When any LR guild roster reaches approximately 995 members, the GM will reduce headcount to approximately 970 members starting with the least active players following these guidelines:

  1. Since joining LR 30 days ago, if the main and the alts, if any, have not been played, all are removed.
  2. If the main is active and the alts are inactive, the main and alts are kept.
  3. If the main is inactive and the alts are active, the main and alts are kept.
  4. If the main is inactive and the alts are inactive, the alts will be removed.
    1. The main is excluded from the next guideline because this reduction removed their alts.
  5. If the main is inactive and has no alts, the main will be removed.

Provided there is space available, a member who has been removed for inactivity may rejoin the guild when they rejoin WoW.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Why is there a Time Out rank?  Shouldn't you just kick people who are misbehaving?"

First, only LR's Guild Master may kick a member out of the guild, and that's a course of action they take very seriously and always after performing a fair investigation of fact.  Having one person with such an ability puts a damper on rash actions that can tear guilds apart.  And, in the highly unlikely event that an officer account gets hacked, the worst that can happen is everyone who is ranked lower than Officer being reduced to Time Out rank.  If the hacked Officer were able to kick then everyone would be kicked, LR could never recover from that.

Second, if a guildie is put into the Time Out rank, there may be mitigating factors.  Over the years, LR has had guildies in Time Out not because they have acted up but because something strange is going on with their character.  For example, they've sold all their items and are withdrawing the maximum amount of items from all guild bank tabs.  This indicates a character is hacked, which is not a kickable offense.  Therefore, putting that guildie in Time Out is a defensive move on our part while Blizzard sorts out what has happened, and they will restore all of LR's stolen items.

"Why isn't there an assistant Guild Master role to fill in while the Guild Master is unavailable?"

Our guild masters are required to be highly available to their officers and log into WoW at least once every two days.  Though, they're often in game every day for hours at a time.

Also, WoW allows Officers nearly all the power a Guild Master has.  And, we put a lot of faith in our officers to make the right decisions for their areas of responsibilities without seeking Guild Master approval all the time.  (Delegation!)  So, an assistant Guild Master would add a layer of administration we don't need.

In some ways, while the Guild Master is training the Guild Master to Be, we get an assistant Guild Master.  But not for very long.

"How do I get to be a Member?"

Approximately ten days after joining the guild, you'll be ranked up from Initiate to Member.  If it has not happened by the 12th day, contact any Officer.

The reason we have a 10-day wait is simply to protect the guild from would be guild bank thieves who join guilds, find they can't withdraw items from the guild bank, and leave.  That's not to say guild bank raiding doesn't still happen; it's just that the vast majority don't like to wait ten days to do it.

"How do I get to be an Officer?"

Other guilds grant officerships and the powers that go with that role based on a guildie's time in guild and then they, generically, participate in ad-hoc leading their guild.

LR doesn't do that.

You see, every LR Officer has something specific they lead for the guild to benefit our members: raiding, PvPing, social events (happiness), communications, achievements, & knowledge.  Being an LR officer is a calling & a lot of work.  They only succeed because our Members lend them support, give them ideas, & participate in events.  And, they only serve for a set amount of time before retiring, which is another thing that sets our Officers apart from other guilds'.

Sometimes Members return to Officer posts, but most times not because, along with it being a rewarding experience, it is also  draining.  Like...  Part-time job draining.

For exactly what it takes to become a LR officer and which positions are available, please read our charter's Officer section.

"How do I get to be Guild Master?"

Other guilds have the same gulid master day in, day out.  A perpetual role that some are born into and others are lothe to relequish.

LR doesn't do that.

You see, LR belongs to us.  The membership.  From our second Guild Master on, they have been chosen from the membership.  And from 2011 on, they have always been approved by LR's Elders.  To serve and protect LR so that we may have all the good things such a wonderful, excellent-to-each-other association of players may have.

Sometimes Members return as Guild Masters, but most times not because, along with it being an extremely rewarding experience, it is also incredibly draining.  Like...  A night-shift, second job draining.

For exactly what it takes to become LR's Guild Master, please read our charter's Guild Master section.  Be aware, though, that our Elders only hand over the keys to a very select, super dedicated, and time-proven few.