10/11/20 - Drafted GreenWall page.  Did some editing and prose tightening on all pages.

10/04/20 - Drafted Discord and Guild Calendar pages. 

10/01/20 - Blizzard connecting Velen and Eonar to Andorhal, Black Dragonflight, Guldan, Scilla, Skullcrusher, Ursin, and Zuluhed caused the Gilds and Gulid Banks section to be reformatted into one section, rather than one section for each guild.  Wrote the Guilds, Guild Banks, Membership, Leadership Team, Guilds, and Guild Banks sections, though some of these sections were partially drafted before this date.

6/26/20 - Added FAQ placeholders to all sections.  Added Guild Calendar section with placeholder text.

6/25/20 - Moved Initiate / Member and Inactivity definitions and processes from Charter > Membership to Getting Started > Membership and rewrote them to match how they are being used.

6/24/20 - Wrote quick start in Getting Started.  Added Guild Roster section.

6/14/20 - Reorganized sections. Fixed navigational issues.  Added leadership page so that members don't have to hunt for who's in charge on the charter.

6/1/20 - Began construction of this section piecing it together from what was in the guild's charter.