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Professions and Gold Making

Auction House 101 - Your introduction to the AH workings and profits.

Cold's Gold Factory - Learn how to make gold in WoW with tips, tricks, & guides for the WoW auction house.  Author also is a host on Auction House Junkies.

El's Extreme Anglin' - Fishing guide with gear locations and achievements.  (6/27/15, Site might be gone for good.)

Just My Two Copper - Tutorials, add-on guides, economy guides, and 400 tips on how to make gold.  (6/27/15, While the blog is dead, the articles are still somewhat useful.

Kuja's Gold Mine - Indexed blog of gold making and farming tips.

Power Word: Gold - Claims to have, "The latest WoW gold-making tips, tricks, and strategies."  It also connects to other gold making blogs, too.

Tarou WoW Guides - Profession leveling, farming, event, and other guides.

WoW Professions - Profession leveling and farming guides.

The Undermine Journal - A source for auction house statistics and data.

WoW-Pro - Tradeskill, gold making, and other guides.

WoW Token Info - WoW Token prices and historical statistics from the auction houses of World of Warcraft.


Professions & Gold Making
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