Interested in Player vs. Player (PvP) taking place in: duels, battlegrounds, arenas, and randomly all about the world with Legendary Raiders (LR) and looking for PvP guidelines and answers?  LR's PvPers are here to help!  We welcome our fellow guildies who either share or wish to build a mutual passion for PvP with us.


Currently, our PvP schedule is ad-hoc with no set times or dates.  Still, you can find plenty of members interested in PvP:

Look in LR-Velen's Guild Roster:  When a player joins LR, we note their gameplay interest in their guild roster entry.  When you're online and looking for PvPers, open LR-Velen's guild roster and look for guildies with the player note set to "Main PvP" or "Main Both," which means their interested in both raiding and PvPing.  Send them a whisper and see if they'd like to join up with you for some PvP.  We have about 100 guildies who are interested; so, reach out and duel someone.

Put a PvP Event on LR-Velen's Calendar:  There's a lot to be said for, "Schedule it and they will come."  Just make sure it's a "Guild Event" so that guildies can sign up for it.  And when you're online, advertise it in guild chat about once and hour.

Look for PvP Events on LR-Velen's Calendar:  See one?  Sign up!  :)  If you don't see one, make one.

Use Group Finder:  Easily group up in Group Finder with guildies! :) Open your Social menu then click the Quick Join tab. There you can link up with guildies to make the queuing shorter & the slaying better.

Chat It Up in Guild Chat:  Remember, we have upwards of 100 guilides interested in PvP.  If you're looking for a guild PvP group or partner, keep an eye on guild chat and chat it up.  Nothing better than slaying hordies with guildies.

Use our Discord Server:  Lots of guildies have Discord and nothing makes beating up hordies easier than being in voice chat together.  Be sure to set up your LR Discord account and let people know you're interested in the PvP-Chat text channel.

For more information, check LR-Velen's in game calendar invites for requirements and who to contact.  Pose your questions to the PvP leader who set up the calendar invite or our PvP Coordinator.  To find out who our PvP Coordinator is:

  • In game, open the guild's roster and look for the officer with the player note, "PvP Coordinator."
  • On the website, visit our home page and look for the name on the "About Legendary Raiders" welcome announcement or visit Charter > Officers and scroll down to the PvP Coordinator section.


As you can see on the left under "Section Nav," LR's Raiding information is broken up in sections:

  1. Section Home – Where you are now.
  2. Beginner Guide - In general, how to get started PvPing.
  3. LR's PvP – What you need to know and what's expected of you to PvP with LR.
  4. Links – PvP links.
  5. Revisions – A list of changes and improvements that have been made to the PvP section.