These guidelines for guild sponsored PvPing.  They cover the basics, give a uniform experience, and provide a framework from which to build on.  You are encouraged to discuss any additions or special cases with our PvP Coordinator and PvP Leaders before the PvP group gets underway and - especially - before the hordies start putting up their meager defenses!

Also, please remember, being a PvP team member is at the discretion of the PvP Coordinator and PvP Leaders.  Please do your best to meet these guidelines for the raid team you are in at all times.

To get started, all you need is a good-attitude and a LR Discord account.  Then:

  1. Check LR-Velen's in-game calendar and sign up for PvP events.  Maybe even post a few yourself!
  2. Announce in guild chat if you're going to arenas, battleground, world PvP and the like, to see if anyone would like to join you.  The more the merrier and slay-ier!
  3. Attend LR's PvP Coordinator's PvP meetings where we discuss team(s) progression and exchange current information on strats and in-game content. Thank you for being here!

Members who PvP are expected to uphold all of the guild standards plus a few additional ones on and off the battlefield:

  • Perform your PvP leader's instructions to the best of your ability.
  • Provide words of encouragement to your team.
  • Analyze your performance after the battle to enhance the team's future success.
  • Improve your skills and gear to be a better team mate.


Guild Level PvP

As part of its guild level goals, LR actively encourages and supports PvP-minded guildies with different levels of casual and coordinated PvP.  If you have questions, just ask the PvP Coordinator.

Casual PvP - All members who have an interest in PvP are encouraged to join in the ad-hoc, pick-up battleground and arena battles.  Just keep an eye on guild chat and the guild calendar and join in.  Also, to improve your own skills, be sure to schedule time with PvP Leaders and / or the PvP Coordinator for feedback.

Coordinated PvP - For max level guildies who are serious about PvP, LR sponsors Arena and Rated Battleground teams composed of guildies and funded - in part - with guild supplied provisions.  Interested guildies are encouraged to join this effort - as either squad members or leaders - where building and maintaining a close-knit group of players who progress together team is important.


Guild Sponsored Arena Team

If you wish to join an Arena team as a team member, you will need several pieces of PvP gear appropriate to the season and be adequately provisioned.  (A Team Leader and / or the PvP Coordinator will evaluate your skills and gear, determine your suitability, and provide feedback.)

If you wish to lead an Arena team, you must first meet or exceed the Arena team member requirements and interview with the PvP Coordinator.  (See guild member volunteer positions for duties.)


Guild Sponsored Rated Battleground Squad

A Rated Battleground Squad is a 10-person team consists of 3 Healers, 3 RDPS, and 4 MDPS.  Each Map is different, therefore each will have different strats in order to win.  If you wish to join a Rated Battleground squad as a squad member, you will need a full set of epic PvP gear appropriate to the season and be adequately provisioned. (A Squad Leader and / or the PvP Coordinator will evaluate your skills and gear, determine your suitability, and provide feed back.)

If you wish to lead a Rated Battleground squad, you must first meet or exceed the Rated Battleground squad member requirements and interview with the PvP Coordinator. (See guild member volunteer positions for duties.)

Target Calling and Strat Calling

Each RBG team will have a TC (target caller). This person will be calling out who the DPS should be on for kill-target. If you see another enemy player below 20% health call it out; swap to them and burn, then back on the TC's target.

There will also be a SC (strat caller). This person will tell you what your job for that specific Map is. You must pay attention and if you are not sure, speak up and ask for instructions. PvP is a team effort!


There are required addons we use to keep our team performance consistent. All are available through Curse.

  • Tidy Plates
  • Pare! Interrupt
  • Decursive (for healer and any class that can dispell)
  • Battleground Targets
  • Gladuis
  • Healers Have To Die

Addon requirements are subjective to change as needed.

Voice Chat

All scheduled PvP activities require Discord. To get your own Discord account set up with the guild, click the Getting Started page above and follow the instructions.

Stat Priority

Stats are determined by your Item Level (ilvl). The higher your ilvl, the better the stats when you enter a BG or Arena. That is why in Legion PvP, optimal content gear, whether PvE or PvP, will serve you best. Sometimes, you will need to equip lower ilvl gear in order to reap larger benefits from stats that are on a piece of gear.


Macro binding PvP trinkets is no longer usable in Legion. However, there are other useful macros we still like to use to facilitate performance in RBGS, such as:

  • /assist [Target Callers name]
  • Rated Battle Grounds