Wanna raid with Legendary Raiders?  You're starting on the right page with the right guild.  :)

For the past several Xpacks, Wowprogress rates us one of Velen / Eonar's top alliance raiding guilds. Our requirements: teamwork, class knowledge, raid awareness & mechanics, voice chat, & teamwork! ;)


This is our complete raiding schedule. All times are server time which is Eastern Standard Time:

East Coast Weeknight:  Tuesday, Wednesday (sometimes), Thursday, 9 PM - 11:30 PM.  Progression raid oriented. 20+ raiders with experienced raid leaders.  Personal loot with loot trading.

West Coast Weeknight:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 11:30 PM - 2 AM.  Progression raid oriented. 20+ raiders with an experienced raid leader.  Personal loot with loot trading.

Friday Night:  Fridays, 9 PM - 11 PM-ish.  Alternating Normal and LFR content with as many guildies as possible under a good raid leader.  Personal loot with loot trading.

Weekend Raid:  Saturday 8 PM - 10:30 PM and Sunday 8PM - 10:30 PM.  Casual raid progression for AP, alt loot, and quest completion. 20+ raiders with a good raid lead.  Personal loot with loot trading.

For more information, check LR-Velen's in game calendar invites for requirements and who to contact.  Pose your questions to the raid leader who set up the calendar invite or our Raid Coordinator.  To find out who our Raid Coordinator is:

  • In game, open the guild's roster and look for the officer with the player note, "Raid Coordinator."
  • On the website, visit Getting Started > Leadership, and the Raid Coordinator will be listed there.


As you can see on the left under "Section Nav," LR's Raiding information is broken up in sections:

  1. Section Home – Where you are now.
  2. Beginner Guide - In general, how to get started raiding.
  3. LR's Raiding – What you need to know and what's expected of you to raid with LR.
  4. Links – Raiding links.
  5. Revisions – A list of changes and improvements that have been made to the Raiding section.