These guidelines for guild sponsored raid / raiding group:  cover the basics, give a uniform experience, and provide a framework from which to build on.  You are encouraged to discuss any additions or special cases with our Raid Coordinator and Raid Leaders before the raid group gets underway and - especially - before the loot starts dropping!

Also, please remember, being a raid team member is at the discretion of the Raid Coordinator and Raid Leaders. Please do your best to meet these guidelines for the raid team you are in at all times.

Raid Readiness - Team Members

Effectiveness - Thoroughly know and be able to use your toon's class and abilities to the best of your ability for the betterment of the raid.

Timeliness - Be on time for raiding. (If you are unable to attend, take your name off the calendar invite and alert the raid leader at least one day ahead of time.)

Preparation - Come to the raid provisioned, repaired, and ready to raid. That means with materials such flasks, potions, food, bandages, mats for abilities, gold for repairs, and the like along with the mental mindset to raid.

Two Specs - Have a main and off spec and will switch between them when the need arises in the raid. For example, there are some one-tank-fights, so all tanks need to have an offspec of either DPS or heals.  If you are a pure DPS class, such as a mage or rogue, have another toon that is geared and able to heal or tank if needed.

Geared - Be appropriately geared for main spec and at least competently so for off spec. Team members are encouraged to have at least one more raid ready toon of a different class to make substitutions easier.

Raid Knowledge - Possess basic understanding of raid encounters (trash, boss, traps, and the like) and your role based on your main and off spec.

Team Player - Accept and give constrictive, team building criticism and guidance.

Add-ons - Install and use appropriate add-ons for class and raid. (See Add-ons section below.)

Raid Readiness - Raid Leaders

Includes all of the above for raid members and:

Raid Knowledge - Possess detailed knowledge of all scheduled raid encounters (trash, boss, traps, and the like) and roles your team plays in them based on their main and off specs.

Scheduling - Schedule raids in the guild calendar explicitly stating raid goals. (For example, "Raid Blackwing Descent for 2 hours taking down Magmaw, Omnotron, Chimaeron, and Atramedes.")

Team Composition - Reach out and assemble a raid team from interested guildies through the calendar. Verify gear score and raid readiness of team members. When there aren't enough guildies near raid time, fill open raid spots with players from allied guilds first and then from Group Finder.

Provision - Based on the raid and team composition, requisition appropriate supplies from the Raid Coordinator. Ask team members to provide what is short ahead of time.

Loot - Enunciate fast and fair loot distribution rules for the raid per the guild's loot rules.

Leadership - Direct the raid with a cool, collective head maintaining order and discipline to get the job done.

Strategy - Organize and deploy the raid team to accomplish raid tasks such as: explaining encounters, clearing trash, taking down bosses, setting up raid markers, practice drills prior to encounters, and the like.

Planning - Meet with the Raid Coordinator on a regular basis to discuss strategy, provisions, team makeup, update documentation, and makes changes and additions to website forum instructions and discussions, and the like.

Add-ons - Required

Everyone - Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs, class appropriate addons, and Discord. (For Discord, raid leaders, tanks, and healers must have the ability to listen and talk. DPS must be able to listen. To improve the chances for success during boss fights, only raid leaders, tanks, healers, and those designated by the raid's raid leaders may speak.)

Tanks - A threat meter such as: Omen or Tidy Plates

Healers - Healing facilitator, like HealBot, and Decursive

Raid Leader - Big Brother

Raid Team Specific - The raid you join may have required addons, especially loot-distribution addons, such as Personal Loot Helper, that you'll be required to have.  Check with your raid leader.

Add-ons - Recommended

Everyone - A threat meter such as Tidy Plates or Omen. Damage and healing indicators on, such as Blizzard's bulit in version or MikScrollingBattleText.