3rd Party

Deadly Boss Mods - Required family of addons that makes raiding a whole lot easier.

Elitist Jerks - Raid info for 10 and 25 man.

EPGPLootmaster - Required addon that makes raid loot easy to distribute.

Fatboss TV - Instructional raid videos hosted on YouTube.

Tankspot - Instructional raid videos.

Tankspot Videos on YouTube

WoW-Heroes - Is your toon raid ready?  Check here!

WoW-Pro - Raid, instance, and other guides.

WoWProgress - Realm, guild, and character rankings.

Also See:

- The Addons and Customization section for sites with helpful addons for raiding.

- The How-To on using Ventrilo (a.k.a. "Vent"), which is required for guild raids.